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Madden 23: How to level up to 99 OVR fast in Face of the Franchise

Madden 23 has delivered a new challenge this year in Face of the Franchise as players strive to level up and join the 99 Club.

We've got details on how to level up to 99 OVR fast and max out your Madden 23 Face of the Franchise player.

Madden 23: How to level up to 99 OVR fast in Face of the Franchise

If you're looking to join the 99 Club strictly for achievements or don't have much preference on which position you play as, Madden 23 has a clear path.

By far the easiest position to grind is Running Back, and lowering the difficulty while you're grinding will allow you to speed through this process smoothly.

You can still work towards 99 OVR with any of the other positions, but none offers the simplicity of plowing forward at halfback.

Any team will work, but we suggest the San Francisco 49ers as they're among the best teams for running backs in Face of the Franchise.

Madden 23
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STEP BY STEP: Each time you level up you'll get Skill Points to raise your ratings

Signing with the 49ers at halfback gives you a guaranteed start and an extremely capable offensive line that will set you up for success.

Exact build can be up to personal preference, but we focused on a maximum height and weight running back that emphasized Trucking and Break Tackle which made it very easy to extend plays.

One advantage to pushing all the way to 99 OVR quickly is that you'll be able to keep those upgrades if you start a new career at the same position.

That means you can dominate on a lower difficulty to level up and later challenge yourself with a fully equipped player on a different team and difficulty.

Best Settings to finish Goals easily and join the 99 Club

Madden 23 allows you to change Sliders for most modes which can drastically affect the ease of gameplay, but Face of the Franchise doesn't have Sliders.

Instead, a few key Settings are the easiest path as you'll want to set Arcade as the playstyle (not Simulation or Competitive) and use Rookie Difficulty.

The other setting you'll need to adjust as you go is quarter length, which it can help to keep as high as 6 minutes when you first get rolling.

The best way to level up week to week is by completing goals, and these include Drive Goals, Weekly Goals (set in FOTF before you enter the actual game), and the Season Goal which is set following the preseason games.

Madden 23 99 Club Face of the Franchise goals
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GOALS ON GOALS: With the right settings you can plow through these objectives

The catch is that none of these shift based on the length of your game, so it's quite easy with longer quarters to plow through your Weekly and Season Goals significantly sooner than expected.

Start with 4 or 6-minute quarters and see if you're able to get things done without issue, and then adjust that length down to what feels comfortable for you.

If you're playing very well, it's possible to meet these goals with snappy 1-minue quarters, but our best balance a few games in was 2-minute quarters which offered a bit more breathing room.

Madden 23 Face of the Franchise
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99 CLUB: Our bruiser joined the coveted ranks after reaching Level 30

With this method, we were able to join the 99 Club late in our third season, but ran into a bug at the conclusion of that season that forced retirement.

However, the progress to 99 OVR remained and we're still able to start a new career at that position with the current 99 OVR build.

Unfortunately bugs are a recurring issue in Face of the Franchise right now, but they'll hopefully be remedied with the September Title Update.

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