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Madden 23: How to earn tokens now by playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team

The latest reveal surrounding Madden 23 is tokens, which can be earned in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

The question players have is how to earn these tokens, what do they mean, and what rewards can you get with them?

We're here to answer those questions and more right here.

How to earn Madden 23 Tokens

As we get closer to the release of Madden 23, we're learning more about token involvement in Ultimate Team. Today a way to earn them was revealed.

In Madden 22 Ultimate Team, players have ways to earn these tokens and use them in Madden 23. Revealed during the Rookie Premiere promo were Mission Objectives that you can complete to earn tokens.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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EARN TOKENS: Use the tokens you earn in Madden 23 for extra rewards

Here's the breakdown of how to earn these new Madden 23 tokens in MUT 22 right now:

  • Play Challenges to earn your first Rookie Premiere Token
  • Complete Mission Objectives to get more Tokens
  • Get rewarded by using Tokens in MUT 23 and claim rookies

Now, let's go over a few of the new things coming in Madden 23.

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Madden 23 Release Date

Some of you might be wondering when Madden 23 is actually going to be released. The good news is this date has been confirmed.

On August 19, 2022, Madden 23 will officially be released. With it, comes the reveal of FieldSENSE, however, this mechanic is only next gen capable.

The reveal trailer slightly covers what FieldSENSE is, however, we did receive a deep-dive via Gridiron Notes. FieldSENSE also extends to MUT 23, so you can use all the extra features there.

Soon, we should see even more specific reveals, this could include a Madden 23 PS5 trailer, showcasing next gen graphics.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team News

Although a ton of Madden 23 Ultimate Team news hasn't been revealed, we know a few things so far. For starters, the Rookie Premiere promo.

It would seem that you'll be able to use some of your MUT 23 tokens to redeem them for Rookie Premiere promo cards.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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NEW GRAPHICS: Madden 23 is going to look really good this year

During the official reveal during the Gridiron Notes, the following statement was released on Madden 23 Ultimate Team:

"Develop your dream fantasy roster of current NFL superstars, Hall of Fame legends, and more. Always have something to play for with the first-ever Field Pass challenge and reward tracker in Madden Ultimate Team™. Play to earn MUT Champions entry tokens and choose to compete at your convenience. Simplified Set building lets you navigate your content binder more effectively so you can focus on improving your Ultimate Team roster all season."

With that being said, we should see the MUT 23 Champions very soon.

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