02 Aug 2021 4:13 PM +00:00

Madden 22: X Factor revealed for Brady & Mahomes

Madden 22 is only a few short weeks away from being released, and we're finally learning about the Superstar X Factor possessed by this year's players.

Quarterbacks were first up to be revealed, and it looks like there are some amazing abilities paired with the top ones in Madden 22.

Madden 22: Every Quarterback X Factor Revealed


After a week dedicated to Madden 22 ratings and those reveals, things are shifting gears now to let fans in on each X Factor ability that players will have.

It's no surprise that things started with quarterbacks, and the X Factors available are nothing short of gamechanging.

All five players and their X-Factors were revealed by EA Sports, and we're now able to confirm that they all match what these players had in the Madden 22 beta.

While that doesn't confirm that all will remain the same as they were in the beta, it means there's a good chance each X-Factor was correct.

Madden 22 Superstar X Factor Russell Wilson
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MIND READER: Wilson is one of five quarterbacks to get an X Factor

Below, we'll detail each ability and what it provides. As a reminder, X Factor abilities are activated by a trigger which causes your player to enter the zone, but a knockout will cause them to exit the zone.

Without further ado, here's every QB with an X Factor in Madden 22:

Quarterback X Factors

  • Patrick Mahomes: Bazooka (Max throwing distance increased [83 yards total])
    • Trigger: One completed pass of 30+ yards in air
    • Knockout: One sack
  • Russell Wilson: Blitz Radar (Highlights extra blitzers)
    • Trigger: Three scrambles of 10+ yards
    • Knockout: Two sacks
  • Lamar Jackson: Truzz (Can't fumble when in the zone)
    • Trigger: Five 1+ yard runs
    • Knockout: One tackle for loss
  • Tom Brady: Pro Reads (Highlights the first open target and ignores pressure)
    • Trigger: Three consecutive completions of 5+ yards
    • Knockout: One sack
  • Aaron Rodgers: Gambler (Faster passes that can't be picked off by AI defenders)
    • Trigger: Three consecutive completions of 5+ yards
    • Knockout: Two incompletions

You can find more details here on the X Factor abilities players had during the Madden 22 beta, which are now likely to remain the same in the final game.