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Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Ultimate Legends drop a brand new LTD Joe Montana

We've got great news for those of you playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team as more Ultimate Legends are available now.

The top card at the moment is the LTD that was revealed, a 99 OVR Joe Montana that is guaranteed to be a strong QB.

Let's take a look at all three of the latest MUT 22 cards.

LTD Joe Montana Revealed

Over the weekend more Ultimate Legends cards were revealed so you might've missed the best cards. The LTD Joe Montana is our personal favorite from the group.

Montana was one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history and now, you can have him lead your Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team
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99 OVR MONTANA: Joe Montana is ready to lead your MUT 22 squad

The card is a 99 OVR, which is in line with the rest of the latest MUT 22 Ultimate Legends. Now, we'll take a look at his individual ratings:

  • SPD - 94 OVR
  • THP - 99 OVR
  • SAC - 97 OVR
  • MAC - 97 OVR
  • DAC - 99 OVR
  • TUP - 99 OVR
  • RUN - 98 OVR
  • PAC - 99 OVR

Ability Discount:

  • 1 AP - Hot Route Master
  • 1 AP - Pass Lead Elite

You won't see this card in the Auction House for Madden 22 Ultimate Team, so you'll have to earn it by completing the Ultimate Legends tasks and challenges.

Let's check out the other cards that made it into the latest Ultimate Legends release.

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New Madden 22 Ultimate Team Ultimate Legends

The rest of the Madden 22 Ultimate Legends feature one offensive and one defensive player. On the offensive side is Charlie Young, who has an alternate defensive back card.

On the other side is Colts legend Dwight Freeney, who has an RG alternate card, but the standard card is a 99 OVR RE.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team
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NEW ULTIMATE LEGENDS: Freeney and Young both join the Ultimate Legends group

With both Young and Freeney now available in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, you can add two great 99 OVR or 97 OVR for the alternate positions to your team.

Speaking of 99 OVR cards, the Final Golden Ticket release for Madden 22 was revealed last week. You can check that out right here.

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