Madden 22 Ultimate Team: MUT 22 Team of the Week 1 Revealed - LTD, POTW & more

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Madden 22 Ultimate Team is really in session now that its most infamous promo is here with the start of the NFL season, the MUT 22 Team of the Week.

Team of the Week offers tons of great cards that can be huge upgrades for your squad in Madden 22, and with new cards each week, it's a great place to find your team's best fit.

We break down the full MUT 22 TOTW lineup from its historic LTD to POTW, Offensive and Defensive Heroes, and all other selections.

TOTW 1 LTD: Myles Garrett - RE (92 OVR) - Cleveland Browns

The biggest card to come from MUT 22 TOTW 1 is its new LTD, a 92 OVR Myles Garrett card.

MUT 22 Team of the Week Myles Garrett LTD card
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EDGE OF YOUR SEATS: Myles Garrett presents an exciting and dangerous edge threat in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

This card, like all LTDs, is only available for a very limited time. That means you'll want to go for it as soon as possible, or pick it up on the MUT 22 Auction House if you miss it.

This card has a whopping 92 Power Moves, 92 Strength, and 91 Pursuit, making Garrett a battering ram that bashes through offensive lines.

This card is tied for the highest OVR card in MUT 22 today - so you don't want to miss your chance to snatch it up!

TOTW 1 POTW: Chandler Jones - LOLB (91 OVR) - Arizona Cardinals

Chandler Jones put in an incredible showing on Sunday, and as a result, the Arizona Cardinals pulled off a dominant 39-13 win over the Tennessee Titans.

Madden 22 Chandler Jones gets the sack against the Seattle Seahawks
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THROW IT AWAY: Chandler Jones earned his POTW spot with a whopping 5 sacks and 2 FF

Jones stacked up 6 solo tackles, 5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles in the victory, and that's more than paved his way to the MUT 22 POTW spot for week 1.

With 92 Power Moves, 91 Pursuit, and 91 Play Recognition, Jones can also break right through an offensive line to put some real edge pressure on Quarterbacks.

TOTW 1 Offensive Hero: Priest Holmes - RB (91 OVR) - Kansas City Chiefs

This year it looks like Offensive and Defensive Heroes will instead be from historic games rather than this week in the NFL season.

MUT 22 TOTW 1 offensive hero Priest Holmes card
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TURN ON THE JETS: Priest Holmes is a dangerous speedy threat in MUT 22 TOTW 1

While this means tons of new possibilities for selection, it does mean that these players will have less excitement around them as players coming off of big performances this week.

The first MUT 22 TOTW 1 hero is Offensive Hero Priest Holmes, a RB for the Kansas City Chiefs that can really pack a punch into any offensive configuration.

With lighting fast speed at 92 Acceleration, 91 Agility and 90 Speed, you'll often be in Holmes' rearview mirror on defense.

TOTW 1 Defensive Hero: Rodney Harrison - SS (91 OVR) - San Diego Chargers

Rodney Harrison is back to kick off MUT once again in Madden 22 as the TOTW Defensive Hero.

Madden 22 ultimate team MUT 22 totw 1 defensive hero Rodney Harrison card
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LOCKDOWN: Harrison has incredible zone control that can add a threat to any MUT 22 defense

Harrison makes for a mean secondary threat that can fit any first option wide receiver like a glove in Zone coverage and is still playable in Man coverage schemes as well.

Harrison's deadly speed translates to a lethal secondary threat that can make big plays on the opponent's best receiver, making him a fantastic MUT 22 card to pick up from the first Team of the Week lineup.

Full MUT 22 TOTW 1 Lineup (Team Builders)

The rest of the MUT 22 TOTW 1 lineup is also stacked with stars who made a difference in their games in the 2021 NFL season kickoff.


Read over the rest of the cards and their OVR ratings below:

  • Kyler Murray - QB (87 OVR) - Arizona Cardinals
  • Tanoh Kpassagnon - LE (87 OVR) - New Orleans Saints
  • Christian McCaffrey - RB (84 OVR) - Carolina Panthers
  • TJ Watt - LOLB (84 OVR) - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Justin Hollins - ROLB (80 OVR) - Los Angeles Rams
  • Deebo Samuel - WR (80 OVR) - San Francisco 49ers

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