07 Jul 2021 2:47 PM +00:00

Face of the Franchise trailer looks at United We Rise

Madden 22 is building excitement and facing significant pressure to deliver this year, and Face of the Franchise will be carrying the series into a new era as well.

We've learned about upgrades to Franchise or the new Dynamic Gameday feature, but a new Face of the Franchise trailer is our first look at the United We Rise story and campaign mode for Madden 22.

Face of the Franchise trailer released for Madden 22

EA Sports has been delivering All-Access looks at Madden 22 in the weeks since announcing the title and setting the hype train into motion.

Rather than a longer deep dive, this time they've chosen to drop a new trailer as fans get their first look at this year's campaign and story mode Face of the Franchise: United We Rise.


There will be some similarities, as Face of the Franchise will once again focus on your player's journey before arriving in the NFL, being drafted, and then facing the pressure to perform.

However, they're also bringing a flurry of new features and pieces that could make Face of the Franchise better than ever before.

New Features coming to Face of the Franchise

In this brief trailer, a list was shown detailing all of the new features headed to Face of the Franchise in Madden 22.

  • New United We Rise: Road to the Draft Prologue
  • New Class Progression System
  • New Multi-Game Scenarios and Gameday Goals
  • New Weekly Side Activity Choices
  • New In-Game Pressure Moments
  • New Career HUB
  • New Career Podcast Coverage
  • Enhanced Season Engine

They've also promised that an edition of Gridiron Notes are coming soon, particularly looking at the new class system, enhanced season engine, new side activities, new scenarios, and new pressure moments in Face of the Franchise.

The addition of a podcast covering your player's career could be a good sign, as MLB The Show 21 introduced a similar mechanic and has seen major success this year with Road to the Show among fans.

Madden 22 face of the franchise trailer united we rise classes
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BALL HAWK: Become every QB's worst nightmare in Madden 22

We got a glimpse of some of the classes coming to Madden 22, including a few linked to being a linebacker, which will be a position choice for the first time this year.

The following classes were shown in the trailer:

  • The General (Quarterback)
  • The Magician (Quarterback)
  • Lightspeed (Quarterback)
  • Moonshot (Wide Receiver)
  • Pathfinder (Wide Receiver)
  • Lycky 7's (Wide Reciever)
    • It's probably Lucky, but they put Lycky in the trailer
  • The Shadow (Halfback)
  • Juggernaut (Halfback)
  • Double Agent (Halfback)
  • Hawk (Linebacker)
  • Infiltrator (Linebacker)

We also know that these will link up with The Yard and provide unified progression for your avatar between both game modes, and there could be other classes in addition to what was shown in this trailer.