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Tom Brady bombs against Saints, deserves Madden 22 ratings cut

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Madden 22 ratings are always in flux as each week goes by, and it looks like one of the league's vets could be in for a major drop after Tom Brady bombed against the Saints.

We've got all the details on when we could see a ratings drop for Brady in the Madden 22 roster update and how his rating has shifted since the season began.

Brady bombs against Saints, worst game in 13 months

While his Madden 22 ratings drop a few weeks ago at the hands of Peyton Manning and his new role as a Madden Ratings Adjuster may have been in jest, Brady's failure against the Saints was no laughing matter for the veteran.

For the first time in over 15 years, Tom Brady was held completely scoreless and couldn't even muster enough to let their kicker get a field goal on the board against the New Orleans Saints.

Tom Brady may be seen as the GOAT to many, but his latest performance against the Saints was anything but great.

Madden 22 Tom Brady ratings
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BRADY BOMBS: There's no denying it was a bad week for the veteran

Despite his best efforts, Tom Brady only completed 26 of his 48 passes against the Saints, marking a 54.17% completion percentage and his lowest since Week 4 against the Patriots.

While he got a decent 214 yards on the day, Brady also threw 1 interception and lost 1 fumble, all of which factored into his Quarterback Rating of 57.1 in Week 15.

While it's been a long time since Brady was shutout, that's his worst Quarterback Rating since a 40.4 mark on November 11, 2020 against, you guessed it, the New Orleans Saints.

Brady at least mustered enough to let them drop a field goal on the board that night, but they still got slaughtered in a 38-3 loss.

After his worst performance of the season, and one of the worst of his career, Tom Brady deserves to see his Madden 22 ratings take a dive.

Madden 22 roster update could get some Peyton Manning influence

When it comes to Madden 22 ratings, ultimately the decisions to see them rise or fall end up influenced by the prolific Madden Ratings Adjusters.

For most of the season, the face of that position has been Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, but a new name has stepped into the mix in recent weeks.

"The Sheriff" Peyton Manning has taken on a new role, and his first step once given the jacket and the power was to nuke Tom Brady's rating from a 98 down to a 44 OVR.

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Of course, the fun didn't stick, and Brady was back up to the 98 OVR rating he's had since Week 5 after seeing a brief leap into the 99 Club in Week 4 when he broke the all-time passing record.

However, this time Peyton Manning and all the Madden Ratings Adjusters have plenty of ammunition to drop Tom Brady either down to the 97 OVR rating he had at launch or even lower.

One bad game isn't the end of the world, especially when the Brady-led Buccaneers are still 10-4 and very firmly leading the NFC South, but this performances should impact his Madden 22 ratings.

If we see some Peyton shenanigans it might dump Brady to 95 or below, but it's more likely we'll see him fall to either 97 OVR or 96 OVR in the Week 15 Madden 22 Roster Update.

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