Madden 22 Season 3: New Level Rewards and Champions take the gridiron in Ultimate Team

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Madden 22 Season 3 is underway and now we've got the new Level Rewards and Champions. These players will be vital to your Ultimate Team.

Considering plenty of players will want these guys on their rosters, we'll go over how to get the Level Rewards and the Champions.

Let's get you up to speed on everything happening in Madden 22 Season 3.

Madden 22 Season 3 Release Date

Madden 22 Season 3 was released on February 16th, 2022, and is already making waves in Madden Ultimate Team. You can start earning the Level Rewards and Champions today.

Originally revealed on Good Morning Madden, four NAT MUT 22 cards are available as the rewards and Champions for Season 3.

Along with the Madden 22 Season 3 Level Rewards and Champions, we also learned about the new Heavyweights that are making their way to Madden Ultimate Team.

Let's take a look at the Level Rewards and the Champions for this season of Madden 22.

Season 3 Champions and Level Rewards

The Season 3 Champions will allow you to choose from either the 99 OVR Pat Freiermuth or the 99 OVR RE Marcus Davenport. Remember, you only get to choose between the two, you won't get both of them.


For getting to Level 30 in Madden 22 Season 3, you'll receive the 96 OVR HB Dalvin Cook. For Level 50, you'll receive 98 OVR MLB Nick Bolton.

Madden 22 Season 3 rewards and champions
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SEASON 3 REWARDS: Choose between the Champions Freiermuth and Davenport

Adding these players to your Madden Ultimate Team will be smart especially for players that don't spend money on purchasing the best players from the Auction House.

This way, you'll get two 95+ OVR players added to your team and one 99 OVR player of your choice. As Madden 22 Season 3 goes on, we imagine that more Level Rewards will be added and we'll keep you updated.

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