Tyrann Mathieu leads top 10 safeties in Madden 22

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Madden 22 ratings week is finally on the back end and winding down, but there are still some dominant defenders to reveal.

We've now learned which players earned ratings that make them the top 10 safeties in Madden 22, and here's what you need to know.

Madden 22 Ratings: Tyrann Mathieu leads top 10 highest rated safeties

After the morning opened with the top cornerbacks in Madden 22, the day's defensive theme has now continued.

Madden 22 ratings safeties
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As revealed on ESPN, here are the top 10 safeties in Madden 22:

  • Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS, Pittsburgh Steelers - 89 OVR
  • Adrian Amos, SS, Green Bay Packers - 89 OVR
  • Eddie Jackson, FS, Chicago Bears - 89 OVR
  • Harrison Smith, SS, Minnesota Vikings - 90 OVR
  • Jamal Adams, SS, Seattle Seahawks - 90 OVR
  • Justin Simmons, FS, Denver Broncos - 91 OVR
  • Jessie Bates III, FS, Cincinnati Bengals - 91 OVR
  • Devin McCourty, FS, New England Patriots - 92 OVR
  • Budda Baker, SS, Arizona Cardinals - 93 OVR
  • Tyrann Mathieu, SS, Kansas City Chiefs - 95 OVR

None of them were able to burst into the 99 Club this time, though cornerback Jalen Ramsey did earn that honor earlier today.

Who dominates in specific attribute ratings?

While much of the focus has gone to top overall ratings, the official EA Madden NFL Ratings site is now live, and as such we've got details on tons of specific attributes.

One of the most important ratings for safeties is Awareness, leading their ability to quickly react to their surroundings.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that the top 5 in Awareness for safeties mirrors the top players overall:

  • Tyrann Mathieu, 98 in Awareness
  • Budda Baker, 95 in Awareness
  • Devin McCourty, 94 in Awareness
  • Jessie Bates III, 94 in Awareness
  • Justin Simmons, 93 in Awareness

Similarly helpful, Play Recognition is a key facet for safeties so they can instantly understand what they're up against and make the necessary adjustments.

Here's how the top six safeties in Play Recognition turned out for Madden 22:

  • Budda Baker, 97 in Play Recognition
  • Tyrann Mathieu, 94 in Play Recognition
  • Jessie Bates III, 92 in Play Recognition
  • Devin McCourty, 90 in Play Recognition
  • Jamal Adams, 90 in Play Recognition
  • Justin Simmons, 90 in Play Recognition

Elsewhere in ratings for this year's top safeties, we have Eddie Jackson and Jessie Bates III tied for the lead with 93 in Zone Coverage.

If you're hoping to dominate when safeties make the tackle, Jamal Adams leads the pack in Hit Power with a 95, followed closely by Harrison Smith who has a 93 in Hit Power.

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