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Madden 22 Ratings: Week 2 Roster Update predictions

Another incredible week in the NFL, another Madden 22 Roster Update that will adjust player ratings based on performances around the league this week.

Each roster update comes with plenty of players moving up the OVR charts, and plenty falling down after disappointing weeks.

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Here are the players we expect to have a brand new Madden 22 rating after this week's Madden 22 Roster Update.


Madden 22 Roster Update Will Shake Up Ratings

Madden 22 ratings are always in flux based on how players perform come game day each week - and where some will rise, others will fall.

Here are our predictions for who will be the biggest winners and losers of the Week 2 Madden 22 Roster Update.

The Winners

As we've seen from last week's roster update, you'll need a really great game to get your ratings boosted in Madden 22.

That being said, a few players stood out this week.

Courtland Sutton - WR - Denver Broncos - 82 OVR

Coming in as the third-best receiver of the week is the Denver Broncos Courtland Sutton. Sutton torched the Jaguars defense and netted 159 yards on 9 receptions.

An image of the Denver Broncos in Madden 22
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BRONCOS TOUCHDOWN: Courtland Sutton will definitely see a boost to his Madden 22 rating

He was unable to find the endzone, but his longest reception was a 55-yard completion. We definitely see Sutton's overall Madden 22 rating going from 82 OVR to 83 OVR.

Tony Pollard - RB - Dallas Cowboys - 77 OVR


It's not often that a player can outshine Ezekiel Elliot in a game, however, Tony Pollard has done that on back-to-back weeks.

Tony Pollard finished the game with 109 yards rushing with a touchdown. He also had three receptions for 31 yards on Sunday. Expect a slight jump from 77 OVR to 78 OVR.

Mike Edwards - FS - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 76 OVR

Not many players had the kind of game that Mike Edwards had against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. He was everywhere on the field, making tackles and breaking up passes.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Madden 22
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CHAMPIONS: A member of the Tampa Bay defense is sure to see a ratings boost

However, the most impressive thing Mike Edwards did on Sunday was the two interceptions returned for touchdowns against Atlanta. We expect his Madden 22 76 OVR to jump to a 78 OVR.


Nick Vigil - ROLB - Minnesota Vikings - 72 OVR

Although the team lost, Nick Vigil put the Minnesota Vikings in the best possible position to win the game on Sunday. He had 8 total tackles and did a good job containing Kyler Murray.

Nick Vigil might've been overlooked after the Week 1 rating adjustments, but after his 38-yard interception returned for a touchdown, he's due for an increase. Look for Vigil to jump from 72 OVR to 74 OVR.

Taylor Heinicke - QB - Washington Football Team - 62 OVR

Many doubted how well Taylor Heinicke would do when he was named the starter for the Washington Football Team. Now it seems likely he's earned the permanent starting position.

Washington Football Team QB Taylor Heinicke in Madden 22
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HEINICKE FOR THE W: Expect another boost for Taylor Heinicke this week

He made his way into the top-ten this week at the QB position, slightly behind Justin Herbert. Heinicke finished Thursday night's game with 336 yards passing and 2 touchdowns.

His QB rating was 99.6 which should get him another Madden 22 ratings boost this week. Look for Heinicke to go from a 62 OVR to 64 OVR.


The Losers

Just as players will see their ratings increase, others will see a drop in their ratings come Friday.

These players regressed in Week 2, and should see a drop in their rating as a result.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire - RB - Kansas City Chiefs - 84 OVR

The loss to the Ravens that the Kansas City Chiefs suffered could be accredited to the fumble by Clyde Edwards-Helaire late in the game. That isn't the only reason his rating could drop though.

Through the first two games of the season, Clyde Edwards-Helaire has averaged just 3.3 yards per carry - and at an average of 13 carries a game, that just isn't enough combined with his no TDs this year. That kind of play will definitely earn him a drop from 84 OVR to 82 OVR in the Madden 22 ratings.

Jameis Winston - QB - New Orleans Saints - 75 OVR

Jameis Winston saw a boost to his Madden 22 overall rating after the first week of the season. However, he regressed in Week 2 and we expect to see him drop back to his original rating.

Jameis Winston in Madden 22
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REGRESSION: Jameis Winston looked like his former self in Week 2 of the NFL

Winston finished the game against the Carolina Panthers with 111 yards passing and 2 interceptions. His passer rating was 26.9 and we expect his Madden 22 rating to drop from 75 OVR to 73 OVR to follow suit.