Madden 22 Ratings: Latest Roster Update focuses on Wide Receivers

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The latest Madden 22 ratings are live and we've got all the information for you here! Three players received significant boosts to their overall.

There were also a few players that saw a dip in their Madden 22 rating as well. We'll go over those players as well.


Let's get everyone up to speed on the latest update to the Madden 22 rosters.

Madden 22 Ratings Update Release Date

The Madden 22 Ratings were updated on October 28th, 2021, and are live in the game right now.

Per the Week 7 Player Rating update, four total players received a boost to their Madden 22 rating. So far, two players have had their overall rating decreased, both of whom are wide receivers.


It was revealed on the Madden 22 Twitter account that the ratings update was finalized and already in the game.

Winners of the Madden 22 Ratings Update

There were some notable changes to some key players after the Madden 22 ratings were adjusted. It seems as if a big focus was wide receivers this time around.


However, a running back who stepped in while Nick Chubb was injured saw his Madden 22 rating skyrocket after the update.

Madden 22 Ratings Ja'Marr Chase
BOOSTED: Ja'Marr Chase received a significant boost to his Madden 22 overall

Here are a few key players that have seen a ratings boost in Madden 22:

  • D'Ernest Johnson (HB) - Cleveland Browns - 71 OVR (+3)
  • Ja'Marr Chase (WR) - Cincinnati Bengals - 81 OVR (+2)
  • Michael Pittman Jr. (WR) - Indianapolis Colts - 77 OVR (+2)

Losers of the Madden 22 Ratings Update

With winners come losers and the Madden 22 roster update has seen a couple of players get their Madden 22 rating reduced.

Of course, they'll have a chance to bounce back, but they'll need a strong performance in Week 8 to do it. Both of these players received a three point reduction to their overall rating.


Here are the key players who had their Madden 22 ratings reduced:

  • Odell Beckham Jr. (WR) - Cleveland Browns - 85 OVR (-3)
  • Robby Anderson (WR) - Carolina Panthers - 81 OVR (-3)

We'll be doing a deep dive on all the players who received big changes to their Madden 22 rating as well so stay tuned!