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Madden 22 Ratings: 5 Changes we NEED to see

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Week 15 of the NFL is on the way and there are a few players that we have our eyes on that deserve a Madden 22 ratings update.

Now, of course, this depends on how they perform this weekend, but these players have been balling out the last few weeks and we think they deserve a boost.

Let's go over the 5 changes we need to see to the Madden 22 ratings.

Madden 22 Ratings Predictions

Some of the Madden 22 ratings are slightly tough to predict who will be receiving attention. It usually works as the best performers of the week will receive the most attention.

However, some of these players have had pretty outstanding seasons or a great past few weeks and we believe their rating should definitely be higher.

Madden 22 ratings Jonathan Taylor
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+ 3
FIRST SELECTION: We believe Taylor should be the first person updated in Madden 22

Although these ratings will only increase by increments, the impact will definitely be noticeable in Madden 22 and you'll be happy that they've changed.

Let's get started with our list of five players that deserve a Madden 22 ratings adjustment.

Our Top 5 List for a Madden 22 Ratings Update

We had to kick this off with a Madden 22 player that we think is really special and is in fact the reason why his team is doing so well this season.

The running game is a vital part of the Indianapolis Colts offense so it should be no surprise why we chose this player to be our first on the top five list.

Jonathan Taylor - Indianapolis Colts - 90 OVR (+1)

Currently, Jonathan Taylor's Madden 22 rating is an 89 OVR. This would be okay if Taylor didn't lead the league in rushing yards by a sizable portion (+312 yards). Not to mention, he hasn't missed a game.

Health is important, along with putting up a blockbuster year, which Taylor has. He also leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns with 16. It's time Jonathan Taylor broke the 90 OVR ceiling.

Kyler Murray - Arizona Cardinals - 89 OVR (+1)

You could likely argue that Kyler Murray is deserving of the 90 OVR club in Madden 22 as well, but we don't think he's quite there yet. He does, however, deserve a boost to his Madden 22 ratings.

Madden 22 ratings Kyler Murray
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+ 3
LEADERSHIP: Murray is definitely worth a slight bump in Madden 22 ratings

Even though he's missed three games this season, Murray has passed for over 2,700 yards this season. He also ranks No.11 in the NFL in touchdown passes (19), imagine if he had three more games to go off of. Let's see if Madden 22 gives Kyler Murray an 89 OVR after this weekend.

Leonard Fournette - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 86 OVR (+2)

Here's another running back that we feel hasn't been receiving enough love from the Madden 22 ratings adjusters this year. He's in the top ten in terms of rushing yards (778) not to mention, he's a vital part of their receiving group as well.

Fournette is No.7 in the NFL in terms of rushing touchdowns (8) and hasn't committed a single fumble all season. We believe that is definitely worth a +2-point boost.

Ja'Marr Chase - Cincinnati Bengals - 83 OVR (+2)

Ja'Marr Chase actually went down in the Madden 22 ratings last week, but we feel that there should be a second look at what Chase has done all season. Especially as a rookie wide receiver.

Madden 22 ratings Ja'Marr Chase
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+ 3
ROTY HOPEFUL: Chase could be considered a Rookie of the Year candidate

This season, Chase has racked up 1,035 receiving yards (5th in the NFL) and ten touchdowns (tied for 3rd in the NFL). You can't argue his efficiency and ability to get open downfield, which is why we should see this reflected in Madden 22.

Leonard Floyd - Los Angeles Rams - 81 OVR (+1)

The last player we'd like to see their Madden 22 ratings adjusted is the linebacker Leonard Floyd who has been the main catalyst of the Rams defense this season.

Anytime they've been in trouble, Floyd has been able to produce where others can't. Last week, Floyd had a key interception against the Arizona Cardinals along with 8 tackles. This year, he has a total of 8 sacks and 56 tackles. We'd like to see a slight boost to his overall rating.

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