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Madden 22: MUT Legends including Tony Romo hit the field

Ready to add some incredible MUT 22 Legends to your Madden Ultimate Team lineup? Great news, Madden 22 is bringing the heat with their latest addition to the Legends set.

You've likely seen the reveal of the two players, but if you haven't we'll cover them here. One, is the cerebral quarterback Tony Romo, the other, a terrifying safety referred to as Weapon X.

Let's go over the new Madden 22 MUT Legends Tony Romo and Brian Dawkins.

MUT 22 Legends New Additions

The MUT 22 Legends consist of some of the most legendary players in NFL history, these new additions are definitely a key part of their teams and the NFL's alumni.

We'll go into more detail below, but Tony Romo was integral in the Cowboys success for many years. Although he never earned a Super Bowl ring, he went down as an incredible Cowboys QB.

MUT 22 Legends Tony Romo
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NEW LEGENDS: Tony Romo joins a long list of MUT 22 Legends

Brian Dawkins was a nightmare on defense during his time in the NFL. He earned notoriety and the nickname "Weapon X" due to his hard-hitting and intercepting talent.

But how do they fit on your MUT 22 lineup in Madden 22? Let's cover that below.

How to use Tony Romo & Brian Dawkins

Adding these two into your Madden 22 Ulitmate Team won't be too complicated. However, certain offenses would be better for Tony Romo than others.

For Romo, you'll want to have an offense that utilizes the play-action a lot. If you run bootleg plays his 81 SPD will help you roll out and deliver a pass downfield. He'll be even better if you have a Dallas Cowboys Theme Team.

MUT 22 Brian Dawkins Ultimate Team
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WEAPON X: Brian Dawkins is a MUST-HAVE on your MUT 22 defense

Brian Dawkins will fit perfectly on any Madden 22 Ultimate Team and you'd regret not having him in your MUT 22 lineup. His man-coverage isn't great, but imagine if you put him at MLB.

Dawkins would be able to control the field with his 95 ZCV and his hit power is 96, making it likely that he'll force fumbles on your defense. You should add him to your MUT 22 lineup immediately.

Price Per Card at the Auction House

If you're looking to skip past completing tons of MUT 22 Challenges to earn packs and potentially get these Legends, you can purchase them at the Auction House.

However, you should know that since these are the newest cards in the Legends promo, they're going to be rather expensive for some time.

Here are the current prices for the 96 OVR Brian Dawkins and the 96 OVR Tony Romo:

  • Brian Dawkins - FS (96 OVR) - 802K
  • Tony Romo - QB (96 OVR) - 1.2M

If you don't have enough coin to cover the cost of these MUT 22 Legends, we suggest you check out our piece here to earn more Training Points in Madden Ultimate Team.

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