Madden 22 Most Feared 3 Released, new LTDs coming this weekend

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Madden 22 has finally arrived at the final chapter of Most Feared this year in Ultimate Team, and it's bringing some huge new cards.

We've got everything you need to know as Most Feared 3 goes live in MUT 22 and these epic new Champions land in Madden 22.

Madden 22 Most Feared 3 released, new LTDs still coming

Madden 22 has been rolling with the Most Feared promo for three weeks now, and the final release is now live with Halloween just a few short days away.

Each of the Most Feared releases has included new challenges, House Rules, and most importantly an addition of 40 different Most Feared players to Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Most Feared
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SPOOKY SEASON: These Most Feared cards have been top notch

MUT 22 was already brimming with some early TOTW gems and Team Diamonds, but Most Feared has taken things up several notches.


With the drop of Most Feared 3 now live in MUT 22, that means 120 powerful new players are up for grabs in Madden Ultimate Team.

We do however know that a few final releases will take place this weekend per the last Good Morning Madden, as they mentioned a few new LTDs could be coming.

While we're not sure exactly when those could land, a few Halloween surprises during this weekend's NFL action would make sense.

MUT Most Feared Champions feature Donald, Metcalf, and more

While we'd initially learned about Most Feared Champions Aaron Donald and Kyle Juszczyk during the Good Morning Madden reveals, fans had to wait a big longer for the other too.

Fortunately, it was more than worth the weight as EA revealed D.K. Metcalf and Jaire Alexander as the final two Most Feared Champions.

These four Champions round things out for Most Feared Part 3, and they also give a well-rounded set of devastating options for just about any Ultimate Team.


While some players may not find an exact scheme fit, these four options provide a wide enough variety that everyone should be able to use one somewhere on the field.

On the defensive side, Aaron Donald is arguably the greatest defensive lineman in the NFL today, and Jaire Alexander is almost as dangerous in the secondary.

On offense, you could take the weapon in Metcalf or go with a reliable utility fullback in a 49ers favorite with Kyle Juszczyk.

Along with all of the other big cards dropped with Most Feared, each of these Champions provide significant value to their respective Theme Teams.