Madden 22 Madden Machines: Champion revealed along with more MUT 22 cards

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The promo titled "Madden 22 Madden Machines" has begun to put cards into Madden Ultimate Team hub. One of the Champions was revealed today.

In a recent Good Morning Madden stream, we learned about the new promo along with more Free Agency cards that will be loaded into MUT 22.

Let's take a look at the new promo that was revealed today.

Latest - Madden Machines revealed

Today, the Madden Machines showcased the new cards and there are quite a few great ones. Our personal favorite is the Champion 98 OVR Anthony Barr.

However, there are a ton of great cards in this group that you'll want to add to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Madden Machines
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CHAMPION BARR: Grab this 98 OVR LOLB for your Madden Ultimate Team

We'll detail the full list of cards once we receive them, but you can also expect the other Champion to be revealed later today on the MUT Twitter account.

To check out the final Free Agency cards, follow this link.

Madden 22 Madden Machines on GMM

The new promotion, Madden 22 Madden Machines, will be first revealed on Good Morning Madden. You can find the Twitch link for the channel by clicking here.

We aren't sure exactly what these cards will entail, but we know they should feature some pretty great cards, especially when paired with the Free Agency cards.

Madden 22 Madden Machines
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MORE CARDS COMING: Get ready for more cards coming to MUT 22

The Madden Machines could be filled with some of the greatest players in NFL history, or perhaps a few themed cards based on previous releases. '

Let's check out some of the previous releases to the Madden 22 Ultimate Team hub.

Free Agency cards in MUT 22

The most recent addition to the Madden 22 Ultimate Team is the Free Agency cards. These cards were based on some of the most notable free agents in the NFL.

From players like Andy Dalton to Juju Smith-Schuster to many more, there are a ton of great cards to add to your MUT 22 lineup.

Madden 22 Madden Machines
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FREE AGENCY CARDS: Load your roster with some strong MUT 22 cards

Here are a few of the best cards from the Free Agency promo in Madden 22:

  • Allen Robinson II (WR) - 95 OVR
  • Leighton Vander Esch (MLB) - 95 OVR
  • Marcus Mariota (QB) - 95 OVR
  • Harold Landry III (ROLB) - 95 OVR
  • Melvin Gordon III (HB) - 95 OVR
  • Emmanuel Ogbah (LE) - 95 OVR
  • Brandon Scherff (RG) - 95 OVR
  • Carlton Davis III (CB) - 95 OVR

The Backyard Ballers is still adding cards as well so keep an eye out for those before the Madden 22 Madden Machines come out.

Madden 22 Madden Machines Release Date

The schedule for content revealed in Madden 22 will be scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday from now on. The first will be on Wednesday, March 21, 2022.


There's a good chance that we'll get a glimpse of the Madden Machines on Tuesday night, which is usually when they reveal at least one Champion or LTD.

Madden 22 Madden Machines
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RUSS 98 OVR: This is one of the best cards from the Free Agency hubs

When the cards fully debut on Thursday, we'll reveal the full list of LTDs and Champions here. If you're looking to find out more about the Free Agency cards, follow this link.

For more about the Backyard Ballers in Madden 22, head here.

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