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Madden 22: KJ Wright rating shows he'll make a difference with the Raiders

Madden 22 ratings aren't a perfect science, but they serve as a great indication of the potential a player has, and that rings true for KJ Wright.

With tons of buzz following news that the former Seattle Seahawk signed with the Las Vegas Raiders, we take a look at the Madden 22 rating for KJ Wright and why it shows he's a differencemaker.

Madden 22: KJ Wright rating shows he remains a top linebacker


While he's got plenty of mileage at 32 years old with a decade in the NFL, the reality of him being a free agent prior to the latest news doesn't mean Wright isn't valuable.

The Raiders certainly wouldn't have snatched him up if they didn't think he could make a difference, and taking a look at Wright's ratings in Madden 22 show some of what he's capable of.

Madden 22 ratings aren't perfect, but statistical analysis of career performance and future potential all play into it, meaning it's still a good baseline indication of what KJ Wright can do.

Madden 22 KJ Wright rating
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TOP TALENT: Even without a contrct, Wright was among the best at his position

Despite not being signed to a team, KJ Wright has the fourth highest rating for a right outside linebacker in all of Madden 22, with just Melvin Ingram III, Bradley Chubb, and Jason Pierre-Paul ahead of him.

Beneath his strong 83 OVR rating, KJ Wright has a 93 in Awareness, 87 in Hit Power, 89 in Play Recognition, 91 in Pursuit, 92 in Stamina, and 88 in Tackling that all bolster his abilities.


Wright instantly becomes the highest rated Las Vegas Raiders linebacker

KJ Wright's potential to make a difference for the Las Vegas Raiders lies not just in how good he is at right outside linebacker compared to the rest of the league, but also in what else the Raiders have to work with.

The closest in pure Madden 22 rating to KJ Wright is middle linebacker Nick Kiwatkoski with an 81 OVR, who is four years his junior and spent the first chunk of his career with the Chicago Bears.

Madden 22 las vegas raiders linebacker ratings
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DEPTH: It's something Wright is going to give the Raiders

Behind these two, the Raiders don't have a lot of huge playmakers at linebacker, with Perryman, Morrow, and Littleton being the only other players likely to make an impact.

Only time will tell how much of a different the addition of KJ Wright makes for the Las Vegas Raiders, but by pure numbers he's a gamechanger for their defense.

He'll also be a boost in-game, as the roster update that moves him to the Raiders will definitely be a boon for their defensive rating.