Madden 22: Capitalize on your 10-hour Trial TODAY!

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A way to play Madden 22 early has arrived via a 10-hour EA Play Trial! However, players are wondering how they can get the most out of such a limited time.

Perhaps, you aren't sold on the full game yet or maybe looking to get ahead before Early Access arrives.

Great news! We've found a way to narrow it down to five ways for you to get the most out of your 10-hour EA Play Trial of Madden 22.

LATEST - EA Play Trial is LIVE on ALL Platforms!

After some hiccups earlier in the day on PS4, we're proud to announce that the EA Play Trial for Madden 22 is LIVE! You will need an EA Play membership to get in though, which won't hurt the pockets too much.

Players looking to get a first-hand look at Madden 22 raced to their platforms to start the download. If you were on the fence about Madden 22, this will be a great way for you to make a decision on the game.

The title screen of Madden 22 allowing players to play while the game downloads
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PLAY NOW: Download the trial of Madden 22 TODAY!

We have all the news surrounding the Madden 22 trial, so keep your eyes locked here for more updates.

To find out even more details surrounding the EA Play Trial, head here!

Play Now to get a feel for this year's gameplay

The very first thing you need to do, perhaps after dealing with any early tutorials or other opening sequences built in for the first time you play, is jump into an exhibition "Play Now" game.

Madden 22 trial gameplay
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HIT THE FIELD: Experience the heart of Madden 22 first

Pick your favorite team and pit yourself against the best (Buccaneers) or worst (Jets) opponent in the game, or make it personal against a traditional team rival.

Get a feel for the gameplay on your platform. Whether you're new or returning, the core gameplay is the most important thing for you to test out first.

Become the Face of the Franchise

If you're looking to try the single player experience, one way is to tackle Face of the Franchise, which we've only learned bits and pieces about so far.

It's not known how long Face of the Franchise is, but you may be able to get through a significant chunk of it just through the EA Play Trial.

It may pull you in enough to pick up the full title, but it could also quickly reveal itself as far from your favorite game mode, allowing you to turn your attention elsewhere.

The Dynamic Gameday Experience (Next Gen Only)

One key piece of the puzzle is unfortunately restricted to those on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but it's something all next gen players need to try.

Dynamic Gameday aims to augment the action like never before, bringing Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, and Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI all into the equation.

Check out your favorite team's Home Field Advantage here, and then get ready to use it against your enemies in the Madden 22 trial.

Start your Madden 22 Franchise immediately

If you're one of the many longtime Madden players who has been frustrated with Franchise Mode in recent years, there's only one place for you to be when the trial goes live.


Get your Franchise started without hesitation, and see for yourself if upgrades like Staff Management, Weekly Strategy, and the new Scenario Engine are enough to shift your opinion of Franchise.

Madden 22 trial Franchise
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SUPER BOWL BOUND: Build your Franchise and shoot for the stars

It's worth keeping in mind that there are more features coming, particularly the major Scouting upgrade, but the trial will let you see how Franchise will play when Madden 22 is released.

Kickstart your Ultimate Team in MUT 22

For dedicated and casual Ultimate Team players, the EA Play Trial can be all about getting a head start compared to the competition.

You'll get a Launch Welcome Pack for your Ultimate Team in Madden 22, as well as access to some unique limited-time challenges exclusive to the trial and Early Access window.

If you choose to pre order the Dynasty Edition or MVP Edition, you'll also earn tons of other bonuses to get your MUT 22 squad started with a bang.

We've got more details here on all Madden 22 editions and the various pre order rewards that each version comes with.

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