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Madden 22: How to fix Franchise Mode glitch and desync

Madden 22 hasn't been out for long, and unfortunately, players are already running into a major problematic Franchise Mode glitch affecting their final score.

We've got the latest on how to fix the Franchise Mode glitch, methods to remedy desync, and when a more long-term patch could arrive in Madden 22.

Madden 22: How to fix Franchise Mode glitch with Final Score and losing games


While Madden 22 has only just arrived, the bugs and glitches came just as early, and there are a few plaguing Franchise Mode.

Perhaps the most infuriating so far is the Franchise Mode glitch affecting your Final Score and forcing players to lose games they've already played.

So far, the Final Score glitch appears to be happening to Franchise saves that were setup as Offline, and hasn't been seen yet with Online saves which are stored in the Cloud.

However, you won't be without issues if playing Online, as many have noticed a bug spontaneously disconnecting people from EA servers and booting them back to the Main Menu.

Madden 22 franchise mode glitch
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FRANCHISE MODE: Everyone hates losing their progress

If you run into the Final Score glitch, there is no fix just yet, but EA Sports should be aware and we'll hopefully see it among the Patch Notes for the next big update.


As for the latter, attempting to reconnect to the servers in-game can sometimes work, but the most reliable way to get things back to normal is by completely closing out the game and relaunching it.

If you're having trouble making sure the game is closed, restart your console to be sure, and once you've relaunched and opened up Franchise things should be back where you left off.

If you've had a Franchise save giving you the Final Score glitch early on, we suggest trying to start an Online save instead, even if you're playing by yourself, but this isn't a guaranteed method.

How to remedy Franchise desync issues when playing Online

Separately, some users are coming up against a different problem when playing Franchise online with others.

The issue seems to be appearing when attempting to play a Head-to-Head (H2H) game online in Franchise Mode against another user.

Upon launching the game and selecting the first play, the game will desync and be unable to continue from there.

A few users have reported a potential workaround by choosing to do nothing before starting the game when you advance to a new week in Franchise.

Madden 22 franchise desync
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DO NOT PASS GO: If you head directly to the game itself, you might dodge desync

Rather than going to a Press Conference, Training, Upgrades, Weekly Strategy, or any of that, going directly into playing the game has remedied the issue for some.

These aren't ideal options but may work until EA Sports pushes out another Madden 22 update that fixes this issue.

There is another series of steps that can be taken to verify your own network or that of other players isn't the culprit, but you'll have to take a detailed look at network settings and NAT type for each player.

You can find more information here on how to change network settings and NAT type on both PlayStation and Xbox.