Madden 22: Derrick Henry rating should put him in the 99 Club

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While Madden 22 ratings can vary, it's no shocker that the Derrick Henry Madden 22 rating has remained among the highest in the game.

We've got everything you need to know about the Derrick Henry Madden 22 rating, how it's changed, his MUT cards, and when he might finally join the 99 Club.

Latest - Derrick Henry likely to join the 99 Club in next Madden 22 Roster Update

After entering the year at just 96 OVR, which was below fellow running back Christian McCaffrey who was a 97 OVR at launch, Derrick Henry has continued to make his case for being the best.

After several weeks of star-studded and breathtaking performances, it may finally be time for EA to pull the trigger and put Derrick Henry in the 99 Club.

Madden 22 Roster Update Derrick Henry Week 6
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GET TRUCKED: Imagine getting hit by Henry going 21.8 MPH

They've already teased that he'll get some ratings improvements in the next Madden 22 Roster Update, and just a 2-point jump in his Overall Rating would make it happen.

Derrick Henry (HB) - 97 OVR Madden 22 Rating - Tennessee Titans

Madden 22 ratings tend to fluctuate throughout the year, as EA delivers a consistent weekly Roster Update that raises and lower ratings across the league.

For some that can cause them to slide, but for Henry it's only meant continued success so far this year as his rating has improved since launch.

Derrick Henry Madden 22 Rating
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THE KING: Derrick Henry is ready to take his crown by force

With things having changed, we'll first note the Overall Rating held by Derrick Henry at launch and then any changes since.

  • Launch Rating: 96 OVR
  • Week 5 Rating: 97 OVR

We'll highlight the most important Madden 22 Derrick Henry ratings here, with anything in BOLD indicating a 90+ rating:

  • Speed Rating: 92
  • Acceleration Rating: 89
  • Strength Rating: 87
  • Agility Rating: 86
  • Awareness Rating: 98
  • Carrying Rating: 98
  • Break Tackle Rating: 92
  • Jumping Rating: 88
  • Injury Rating: 93
  • Stamina Rating: 97
  • Toughness Rating: 97
  • Trucking Rating: 90
  • Change of Direction Rating: 79
  • BC Vision Rating: 93
  • Stiff Arm Rating: 99
  • Juke Move Rating: 86

If you want to take a look at his full ratings, including those less important categories we've omitted here, you can find details on that here.

All Derrick Henry MUT 22 Cards and Ratings

There's no doubt that one of the best running back options in Madden 22 Ultimate Team is Derrick Henry, as The King shines in every aspect of this year's game.

With six different cards now available in MUT 22, let's take a look at which ones you can acquire and what makes them special.

Most Feared Derrick Henry, 92 OVR Rating

While it's not a cheap option with average prices hovering near 250k, Most Feared Derrick Henry is definitely the one players will want most.

derrick henry madden 22 rating
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BE AFRIAD: This new Most Feared version is a nightmare for defenses

With 90+ ratings in Trucking, Stiff Arm, Break Tackle, and Carrying, Most Feared Henry is an absolute monster for your Ultimate Team.

Core Elite Derrick Henry, 88 OVR Rating

Landing with the Core set that came out in Ultimate Team at launch, Core Elite Derrick Henry is still one of the best running back options in the game.

While he's got solid ratings, Henry's Core Elite card is currently priced very similarly to his Most Feared card, meaning it may be better to wait and snag the stronger option.

Superstar KO Derrick Henry, 87 OVR Rating

With relatively similar ratings, Superstar KO Derrick Henry is another good running back option if you're able to snag the card.

This one is probably the least likely to be found, as it's an exclusive Superstar KO reward and as such isn't available for auction.


M22 Reward Derrick Henry, 83 OVR Rating

This MUT 22 Reward version of Derrick Henry takes a dip in overall ratings but is still a great choice if you get a hold of it.

With 80+ ratings in Trucking, Carrying, Break Tackle, and Stiff Arm, you'll still have a hugely beneficial back with this card.

TOTW Derrick Henry, 80 OVR Rating

Dropping with Team of the Week 2, this TOTW Derrick Henry came after he dropped 182 rushing yards, 55 receiving yards, and 3 rushing touchdowns on the Seahawks.

Madden 22 Derrick Henry rating
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BUDGET OPTION: At a cheaper price point, this TOTW Henry can be helpful

While much lower than some of the other options with just an 80 OVR rating, this version of Henry is also significantly cheaper with average prices around 7.5k.

Power Up Derrick Henry, 76 OVR Rating

Finally, as always there's Power Up Derrick Henry at just a 76 OVR Rating, but that's deceptive as you can power it up.

With a little grinding and the use of Training and items, you can make even this cheaper and weaker starting option a good running back choice for your Ultimate Team.

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