21 Jun 2021 6:58 PM +00:00

Madden 22: Cowboys' jumbotron gives in-game advantage

Madden 22 has finally been revealed, and early looks via the closed beta have told us more about the new Dynamic Gameday experience.

Each team gets a special home field advantage, and the Dallas Cowboys in Madden 22 continue to reap the rewards of their massive jumbotron at AT&T Stadium.

Madden 22 brings home field advantage to next gen with Dynamic Gameday


Madden 22 finally gave fans their first look at this year's title with the official reveal trailer that released last week featuring actual gameplay from the upcoming release.

Among the exciting additions is a new mechanic known as Dynamic Gameday, which will be exclusive to next gen (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only) versions of Madden 22.

With this upgrade, each team will now get a unique home field advantage based on the actual environments teams have to come up against in different stadiums.

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LOOK OUT: The jumbotron will be a factor in Madden 22

Some take into account crowd noise, like Seattle, while others like Chicago have windy environment actually affect kicking during the game.


It's worth noting that the information we have about each of these advantages, called M-Factors due to their link to Gameday Momentum, is limited and based on the early beta build of the title.

It's possible some could change slightly or see balance tweaks by the time Madden 22 is released, but they're likely to remain similar or the same as what exists in this early version of the game.

Dallas Cowboys' home field advantage is their giant jumbotron

After taking a look at some of the home field advantage boosts currently built into Dynamic Gameday, few are as amusing or intriguing as the M-Factor for the Dallas Cowboys.

Currently called "Deflected," if the Cowboys have enough Gameday Momentum while playing at home, the Away Team punt distance is shortened when kicking across the 50.

The reasoning behind this bonus is the enormous jumbotron hanging in the center of AT&T Stadium, which has been hit by punters more than once since the stadium was constructed.

It's not currently clear if there is a way to actually strike the video board with a punt in Madden 22, as we haven't been able to replicate the moment yet in the beta.


However, this additional home field advantage for the Cowboys will keep teams playing against them in Madden 22 on edge as those punters take a hit by trying to avoid it.

The ability isn't permanently active, as the Dallas Cowboys need to be the home team in their own stadium and have enough momentum to keep it going.

If the opposing team swings momentum in their direction, they'll take that advantage away from the Cowboys as long as they keep their Gameday Momentum strong in Madden 22.