14 Jun 2021 5:20 PM +00:00

Madden 22: Two GOATs leaked as cover athlete picks

After a teaser was dropped earlier today, a new Madden 22 leak has surfaced that may reveal the cover athlete picks for this year's game.

We've got all the details on what's been seen so far, and when we might know more about the Madden 22 cover athlete.

Madden 22 cover athlete choices leaked

According to a new report by Dov Kleiman, it looks like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes may be the selections for the Madden 22 cover.

The following video was shared by Kleiman, which appears to show a photo shoot for the cover back in April featuring both Brady and Mahomes.


Kleiman followed up the tweet with this image, which is apparently from this supposed cover athlete photo shoot.

Madden 22 cover athlete leak Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes
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THE GOATS: Could they be dual cover athletes?

None of this is official just yet, but we know that it may not be long before we get word.

The teaser shared earlier today indicated something is coming on June 17, 2021 at 10am ET, check out more details here about that teaser and what it could mean.


Who else could be on the cover of Madden 22?

It's important to keep in mind that this isn't official yet, and while signs look good the footage could be from an unrelated photo shoot.

We also don't know whether this news means that Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady will necessarily be on the cover together, as Brady could grace an MVP Edition with Mahomes on a Standard Edition of Madden 22.

We knew things would be "a little different" this year following comments by the EA CEO about the Madden 22 cover.

Madden 22 cover athlete leak patrick mahomes tom brady
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DUALING ATHLETES: Madden 10 featured two stars on one cover

Having two stars on the same cover has only happened twice, with Madden 10 having both Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald on the cover together and Madden 25 having Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson on separate versions of the game.

There are other names still in the running that can't be ignored until the cover is official, and you can find more about that here.