Madden 22: Ultimate Cleveland Browns Theme Team in MUT 22

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Theme Teams are incredibly popular in Madden 22 as players try to find ways to get a leg up on their opponent.

Sometimes, players love to build Theme Teams just because it's their favorite NFL team. We've got another good one for you to build with the Cleveland Browns Theme Team.

Here's how you can build a Cleveland Browns Theme Team in Madden 22, including the best cards.


Madden 22: Cleveland Browns Theme Team

Whether you're a die-hard member of the "DAWG POUND" or just a player looking to build a strong MUT 22 team, we've got the Theme Team for you.

The Cleveland Browns Theme Team is one of the most popular builds in the game right now and will be a huge help to your Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Cleveland Browns Theme Team Stadium
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HIT THE FIELD: Build your Cleveland Browns Theme Team today

The good news is that even if you aren't familiar with building a Madden 22 Theme Team, it really isn't too complicated.

In fact, below we'll have a list of the best Cleveland Browns MUT 22 cards to start your Theme Team.


Best Cleveland Browns MUT 22 Cards

The Cleveland Browns actually have a ton of amazing cards that will fit perfectly on your Madden Ultimate team.

A lot of these players are on defense, but you should be able to put together a pretty strong offense as well, especially if you use the right Madden 22 playbooks.

DEFENSE: Myles Garrett, Greedy Williams, Anthony Walker Jr.

There are three solid defensive players that you can add to your MUT 22 Cleveland Browns Theme Team. Each of these players will provide an instant increase in how your defense performs.

Here are the cards you'll need to get:

  • Myles Garrett - RE - 92 OVR (Redux Set)
  • Greedy Williams - CB - 91 OVR (Rising Stars Set)
  • Anthony Walker Jr. - MLB - 88 OVR (Team Builders)
Madden 22 Cleveland Browns Theme Team
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LOCKDOWN: Add the above defenders to your Cleveland Browns Theme Team

This way you'll get three players on each level. Garrett provides a ton of pass-rush ability. Greedy Williams is a lockdown corner and Anthony Walker Jr. is a great blitzing linebacker.


Team Diamond: Josh Cribbs

This is a guaranteed card that you'll need to have on your MUT 22 team if you're building the Cleveland Browns Theme Team.

Cribbs works perfect as a wide receiver, but this Team Diamond will be an incredible punt returner and kick returner with his 90 SPD.

OFFENSE: Joe Thomas, Ozzie Newsome, Nick Chubb

Adding the players mentioned above will be an instant boost to your MUT 22 offense. Joe Thomas is an incredible Left Tackle that can run-block and pass-block.

Here is each card you'll need for your Cleveland Browns Theme Team offense:

  • Joe Thomas - LT - 93 OVR (Legends)
  • Ozzie Newsome - TE - 91 OVR (Team of the Week)
  • Nick Chubb - RB - 91 OVR (Limited Edition)
Madden 22 Cleveland Browns Theme Team
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LEGENDARY: You'll notice how great you can be with a Theme Team behind you

Ozzie Newsome is one of the best tight ends in Madden Ultimate Team, but the player that will help the most is the Limited Edition Nick Chubb. He'll break tackles easily and can get up to speed quickly with his acceleration.