Madden 22 CeeDee Lamb Rating: New in TOTW, All MUT 22 Ratings & Cards

Madden 22 has been out for over two months, and the further we get into the NFL season the more likely ratings like those of CeeDee Lamb will be in flux.

We've got everything you need to know about the Madden 22 ratings for CeeDee Lamb, when things might be due to change, and all his MUT 22 cards.

CeeDee Lamb (WR) - 81 OVR Madden 22 Rating - Dallas Cowboys

While he's had a solid year so far, CeeDee Lamb has yet to see any significant change in his Madden 22 ratings.

While he's seen some minor adjustments, like an increase in his Awareness and boost to his Run Block Rating, Lamb has yet to see his Overall Rating change in Madden 22.

Madden 22 CeeDee Lamb Rating
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THE CATCH: Lamb has proven himself in clutch moments this year

That could be due to change, as Lamb is one of our predictions for the next Madden 22 Roster Update, and that feels especially likely after he snagged one of the spots in TOTW 6.

We'll highlight the most important Madden 22 CeeDee Lamb ratings here, with anything in BOLD indicating a 90+ rating:

  • Speed Rating: 90
  • Acceleration Rating: 90
  • Agility Rating: 90
  • Awareness Rating: 87
  • Catching Rating: 83
  • Break Tackle Rating: 82
  • Jumping Rating: 93
  • Injury Rating: 93
  • Stamina Rating: 90
  • Toughness Rating: 91
  • Change of Direction Rating: 89
  • BC Vision Rating: 87
  • Spin Move Rating: 82
  • Juke Move Rating: 86
  • Spectacular Catch Rating: 88
  • Catch in Traffic Rating: 84
  • Short Route Running Rating: 82
  • Medium Route Running Rating: 83
  • Deep Route Running Rating: 82

If you want to take a look at his full ratings, including those less important categories we've omitted here, you can find details on that here.

All CeeDee Lamb MUT 22 Cards and Ratings

As of now, four different CeeDee Lamb cards have been dropped in MUT 22, including the TOTW 6 inclusion that just earned him a new card.

TOTW CeeDee Lamb, 88 OVR Rating

With a huge performance in week six for the Cowboys, Lamb earned his best MUT 22 card yet by earning one of the top spots in TOTW 6.

Madden 22 Ceedee Lamb Ratings
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BEST OF WEEK 6: Lamb's performance earned him a TOTW 6 entry

With a 90 in Speed and 80+ ratings in multiple key categories, TOTW Lamb can be a huge asset for your squad if he fits the scheme or for a Cowboys Theme Team.


Team Builders CeeDee Lamb, 84 OVR Rating

If you're building a Cowboys Theme Team, there's a big benefit from looking to snag Team Builders CeeDee Lamb.

On top of having a solid 84 OVR rating (which includes his excellent 87 in Change of Direction), this Team Builders card will boost Team Chemistry for your squad.

Core Gold CeeDee Lamb, 78 OVR Rating

Receiving his first card as part of the Core set that arrived at Madden 22 launch, Core Gold CeeDee Lamb doesn't shine quite as much as the other options here.

Madden 22 CeeDee Lamb
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ONE OPTION: Lamb is just one of many choices as you build your squad

However, it'll be significantly more affordable and can help you round things out with a solid 85 in Acceleration if you're still building up your squad.


Power Up CeeDee Lamb, 72 OVR Rating

Finally we have the Power Up CeeDee Lamb, which starts at just 72 OVR but can be improved if you put in the work.

With a combination of Trianing and Items, you can work towards upgrading this Power Up CeeDee Lamb to have a better Overall Rating and more Ability slots.