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Madden 22 Campus Legends: Alabama and Ohio State added to the popular mode

The Madden 22 Campus Legends mode has been a popular one this year. It gives players the sense of playing a college football game that will hopefully be released soon.

To keep the game mode updated, EA has added in two of the most popular and most successful teams in CFB history.

Let's go over when you can expect to play with Alabama and Ohio State in Madden 22 Campus Legends.

Madden 22 Campus Legends adds two CFB titans

Having Alabama and Ohio State added to Madden 22 Campus Legends makes a lot of sense. Honestly, it's shocking that it's taken so long to see them added.

Now, they'll join the ranks of teams such as Clemson, LSU, and Texas that have made the game an incredible experience.

Madden 22 Campus Legends Jarvis Landry
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NEW PLAYERS: Expect to seem some Ohio State & Alabama legends added to Campus Legends

What we're most excited about are the players we'll have the opportunity to control. A few favorites are:

  • Bart Starr - Alabama - QB
  • Eddie George - Ohio State - RB
  • Ozzie Newsome - Alabama - TE
  • Joey Bosa - Ohio State - DE
  • Derrick Thomas - Alabama - LB

This also means that we'll get more challenges added to the Madden 22 Campus Legends MUT program as well.

MUT 22 Campus Legends / Heroes

With more teams added to the Madden 22 Campus Legends mode, we should see some updated superstars in MUT 22. Which happens as each team is added to the game mode.

Hopefully, when Alabama and Ohio State are released on January 14th, 2022, we'll see an update in MUT 22.

Madden 22 Campus Legends Reggie Bush & Matt Leinhart
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NEW LEGENDS: Get ready to add some depth to your MUT 22 roster

Hopefully, we'll see a huge selection of challenges to complete sets in MUT 22 and earn some Madden 22 Campus Legends.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on everything new and exciting as Madden 22 Campus Legends adds Alabama and Ohio State on January 14, 2022.

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