Madden 21 Ultimate Team: TOTY is Here - Lineup, Snubs & more

MUT 21 Team of the Year (TOTY) is finally live in Madden 21!

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Let's go over the lineup, and notable names that are missing from the massive MUT 21 promo.



At the start of the TOTY event, you will receive a TOTY Welcome Pack when you enter MUT 21.

Each year, the MUT TOTY set levels up the standard for top players in the game mode by a big margin, and that will continue in Madden 21.

These are the last big release of the season and often have the best cards.

Release Date

MUT 21 TOTY goes live on Tuesday, 26 January.

MUT 21 Squad

Here is the full list of MUT 21 Team of the Year players. They are all 96 OVR apart from JJ Watt.


  • Russell Wilson (QB)
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+ 7

Incredible elite stats for this QB. 95 across the board for accuracies is impossible to find anywhere else.

Then add in 94 throw power and the ability to throw on the run and you have one of the best QB cards in the game.

  • Dalvin Cook (HB)

94 speed, 95 acceleration, and 96 agility are deadly - but then add in 96 break tackle and 96 change of direction, and it's a monster card.

  • Stefon Diggs (WR)
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+ 7

94 short and medium route and 95 deep route are the hallmarks of an elite receiver.

Diggs card will be massive in the end zone with 95 catch in traffic.

  • Justin Jefferson (WR)

The rookie WR is a great addition here and his play this season has earned a 97 spectacular catch to make all the diving plays.

  • Darren Waller (TE)

Great vertical threat with 92 speed which is massive for a TE. 97 catching is going to cause a lot of problems for opponents.

  • Trent Williams (LT)
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+ 7

96 pass block and 94 run block is the best of both. Add in 93 strength for the best LT in the game.

  • Quenton Nelson (LG)

95 strength is up there with the highest of any OL. 96 run block is also elite.

  • Corey Linsley (C)

96 on both run and pass block, Linsley is the peak of what you want from a C

  • Brandon Scherff (RG)

97 run block is what you want from the best RG available.

  • Jack Conklin (RT)

Not as strong as you would want at 89 but 96 pass block is high for a RT.


  • Cameron Heyward (RE)

A great 3-4 defensive end Heyward has top-end strength at 95. Add 97 block shed and power moves your opponent won't be stopping him.

  • Joey Bosa (LE)
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+ 7

97 finesse move is definitely the highlight for this card. Good tackling at 90 and play recognition at 96 is very good.

  • Chris Jones (DT)

Jones is a big guy and 96 tackle, 95 block shed and 96 power moves will disrupt any OL.

  • Khalil Mack (LOLB)

96 power move is the highlight for this amazing 3-4 OLB.

  • Lavonte David (MLB)

93 acceleration makes David the best user MLB you can get, especially with 95 tackle and hit power, and 93 zone cover.

  • Demario Davis (ROLB)

A great coverage OLB with 94 tackling to make sure he gets the wrap up.

  • Xavien Howard (CB)

96 zone is up there with the highest in the game and 95 jump makes him competitive with any big body WR.

  • Bryce Callahan (CB)
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+ 7

This is probably the best CB card in the game. 95 speed and 96 acceleration is enough to cover anyone. 96 man cover and 93 zone cover means any coverage too.

  • Jessie Bates III (FS)

With safeties mostly in the Zone coverage, the 97 zone cover of Bates will be attractive to many.

  • Jamal Adams (SS)

Adams has the 96 zone cover, but it's the 97 hit power that will get fans excited. Fumbles anyone?


  • TJ Watt (LOLB)
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+ 7

An unbelievable card that is the best 3-4 OLB in the game. 93 acc for the position is unreal, 94 block shed too. 96 tackle and finesse moves will be very hard to protect against.

This card is the Player of the Year card.

  • Trey Hendrickson (RE)

He's fast for his size with 92 acc, 96 finesse move, and 95 tackle.

  • Grady Jarrett (DT)

Not the biggest but disruptive. 96 power move, 95 block shed, and 96 tackle.

  • Fred Warner (MLB)

Another great user with 92 zone coverage

  • J.D McKissick (HB)

Shifty back with 95 acc, change of direction and agility

  • Patrick Ricard (FB)

Great run blocking FB - 97 impact and lead block with 96 run block.

  • Gunner Olszewski (WR)

Great return man but can be dangerous as a WR with yards after catch. 95 medium route is a highlight.

  • Jason Sanders (K)
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+ 7

Kickers have one job - 96 kick power and 91 kick accuracy says it all.

  • Jack Fox (P)

Punters also only have one job - 97 kick power makes for a booming right leg.

So, who was snubbed?

The uniqueness of Madden TOTY is that they also take into account who might already have big cards.

There's less point in releasing a 97 OVR TOTY card on a player who already has a 96 OVR card. So sometimes, the lists aren't always what you expect.

These players had standout years and might make a case for being snubbed and their current highest card;

  • Aaron Rodgers - 94 OVR The 50
  • Derrick Henry - 95 OVR Zero Chill
  • Devante Adams - 89 OVR TOTW
  • Myles Garratt - 89 OVR Superstar MVPs
  • Aaron Donald - 92 OVR Most Feared
  • Roquan Smith - 93 OVR Limited Edition
  • Jalen Ramsey - 95 OVR NFL Playoffs
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick - 93 OVR Zero Chill

Most of these guys have elite cards already which is likely why EA decided to go elsewhere.