MUT 21 drops two huge LTDs including Golden Tate III

Madden 21 is always ready to bring more content to Madden Ultimate Team, and the latest MUT 21 additions are two huge LTDs with a playmaker on each side of the ball.

The two LTDs you now have a shot to add to your Ultimate Team are Golden Tate III and DJ Reader, and both are not ones you want to miss out on.

Madden 21 drops new Tate and Reader LTDs

If you enjoy experiencing the Ultimate Team mode in Madden 21, it can always be a challenge to get some new playmakers on your team.

Fortunately, MUT 21 continues to drop new LTDs, and these 97 OVR cards have the chance to make an instant impact on just about anyone's team.

On the offensive side we have New York Giants Wide Receiver Golden Tate III, and on defense they've added Cincinnati Bengal Defensive Tackle DJ Reader, both of whom are only available for a limited time.

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Top Stats for New LTDs

If you're not sure whether it's worth trying to grab Golden Tate III or DJ Reader for your Ultimate Team, a closer look at their overall stats is just what can help you make that call.

Golden Tate III 97 OVR (WR), New York Giants

If you're looking to make an impact on the offensive side of the ball, this new Golden Tate III LTD is boasting eight different 90+ stats.

Madden 21 MUT Ultimate Team Golden Tate III LTD card
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GOLDEN CATCH: That's what you'll see if Tate is on your team

At the top is a 97 in Short Route Running, which pairs with a 94 for Medium Route Running and 92 for Deep Route Running.

Add to that Tate's 95 in Speed, Catching, Catch in Traffic, and Spectacular Catch and there's no doubt he's a receiver threat for any Ultimate Team in Madden 21.

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DJ Reader 97 OVR (DT), Cincinnati Bengal

However, making a difference on defense is different, and DJ Reader has a few astronomically high stats that'll show up in play.

Madden 21 MUT Ultimate Team DJ Reader LTD card
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BEHIND THE LINE: Reader's stats will help him get where he needs to be

Reader has a 98 in both Tackle and Block Shedding, which makes him an absolute beast in play.

Reader is also carrying a 95 in Strength and Play Recognition and 92 in Power Moves that help bolster his ability to get behind the line.

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