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Madden 21 TOTW 14 Predictions: MUT Team of the Week - Mahomes, Allen, LTD, POTW & more

We are well into December and a couple of divisions are already locked up.

Another Sunday in the books means another set of performances to predict who will be added to Madden 21’s Ultimate Team.

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Who will get the big cards this time?


Madden 21 TOTW 14 release date

Unlike the usual weekly releases, there was an announcement on Good Morning Madden that EA Sports would be focusing on the Zero Chill Christmas releases

This means that the TOTW cards will be stored and released in one big update in January. So on January 12th 2021, we will get four weeks in one - week 14 thru 17.

WAITING GAME: Mid-January and we get four drops in one
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WAITING GAME: Mid-January and we get four drops in one

Make sure to do the solo challenge so you get your Team of the Year token!


LTD – Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry could be in this spot every week.

Henry is well on his way to a historic season. He already has 1,532 yards after 13 games along with 14 rushing TDs. He could definitely break the 2,000-yard barrier before the season is over.

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Henry showed up big again this week in the Titans' 31-10 destruction of the Jags.

He had 26 carries for 215 yards and two TDs. That's 8.3 yards per carry, which when everyone knows you're going to get the ball - is insane.

POTW – Chase Young

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Sometimes defensive players don't get enough credit from us on our predictions. Well, not this week.

Chase Young was everywhere against the 49ers. His pressure helped the Football Team win the game and take a stronghold on the NFC East.


He had a couple of tackles and a sack, but the highlight was a 41-yard Fumble return for a TD.

He is showing rookie of the year ability and might surprise some people with a 90 OVR POTW with great pass rush moves.


This year the TOTW Heroes are used to get more historical players into the game.

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It’s almost impossible to guess, but seeing the New York teams struggling they might fancy boosting fans' experiences, so Eli Manning or Darelle Revis could easily come into the game here.

Rest of TOTW 14 predictions


Who could get the other slots in the TOTW promo?

Let’s take a look.

Aaron Rodgers

His 94 OVR The 50 card might make this one a bit unnecessary, but there’s no doubt Aaron Rodgers deserves a TOTW card.

He threw 290 yards and three TDs without throwing any picks. But he also added 13 yards rushing for one TD.

He is warming up at the perfect time and the Packers are currently #1 seed in the NFC.

Jonathan Taylor

A big day for the rookie HB.

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He had 150 rushing yards and two TDs as he looks to cement himself in the starting job for the Colts.

The way he destroyed the Raider's defense on a big TD run was delightful to watch and reminded us of exactly what he was like in college for Wisconsin.


Stefon Diggs

Diggs has quietly gone about having a great season since he moved from the Vikings to the Bills.

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A 10 reception, 130 yards receiving game against one of the best defenses in the NFL should mean he gets spoken about a bit more.

Travis Kelce

Kelce has established himself as the best TE in the NFL so far this season.

He had 8 catches for 136 yards and a TD in the Chief's win against the Dolphins.

The big TE is getting hot as they go into the playoffs and seems to have left some inconsistency concerns behind him, just at the right time.