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Madden 21 The Yard Locations: House Rules, scoring, players, news & more

The Yard has finally been revealed, and it is set to take Madden 21 to a whole other level.

With four unique locations all offering their own set of rules and rosters, The Yard is going to be a popular place!

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The Yard

Madden's newest game mode will start with four locations. Each has their own "house rules" which could change with time & rounds, as well as players that show up in that location to fill out your squad.

madden 21 the yard house rules 1
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GET UP KID: You don't have long to score, with just three drives to make your mark

With 6 v 6 teams duking it out in a world of laterals, double passes, and counting Mississippi's before blitzing, knowing the rules might be the only edge you have!


Miami Port

Welcome to Miami, the former home of countless NFL stars.

Here you will face off against Miami Dolphins players, including a Boss Battle against Dan Marino!

Given the iconic QB is here, you can expect to see other Dolphins legends turn up to add some quality to the current roster.

madden 21 the yard miami
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SINK THE OPPOSITION: Make them wish they were lost at sea!

Your squad will be made up of players that are either on other Florida teams or attended college in Florida. That opens up a lot of possibilities. Will Ray Lewis and Frank Gore turn up? Or will you be playing with Lavonte David and Tom Brady??

F.O.B. Nico

This military base in an undisclosed location is fun place to play football!

madden 21 the yard nico
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AYE AYE SIR: Keep the enemy in your sights!

You'll be running drills and challenges, and playing against all-time Workout Warriors from the NFL Combine.

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Fortunately there will be some great athletes on your side too.

Brandenburg Football Festival

Head over to Germany and play some ball at the famous landmark!

madden 21 the yard brandenburg
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BREAK THE WALLS DOWN: Take football to a new audience in Germany!

The Berlin location promises that you you will "play against the top teams and players in the league". That's a daunting task, but it also comes with additional time in the pocket to make plays in an "offense-heavy game".

The players will all be from the top six teams in the NFC and AFC.

Lambeau Tailgate

The frozen tundra of famous Green Bay, Wisconsin await.

madden 21 the yard green bay tailgate 2
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ICE COLD: You'll need a steady hand to win here

You'll be squaring off against the best of Green Bay's most heated rivals - That's the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Dallas Cowboys. Fortunately, you'll have those players to pick from too.

However, a Boss Battle against Aaron Rodgers also awaits so be ready!


The Yard scoring

While each location has a twist, which we don't know just yet, the base scoring for The Yard has been revealed.

It's safe to say that it will take some time to figure out the optimal strategy here.

Touchdowns are still worth six points, but you can stack more on top of that.

madden 21 the yard bonus scoring
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RUN UP THE SCORE: No lead is safe in The Yard


Scoring with a double pass or lateral gets you two bonus points, a 40+ yard score is one bonus point, and interceptions earn you a bonus point.

You can go for a one-, two-, or three-point XP, with each one being progressively further away and of course kicking is never an option.

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