Madden 21 and the NFL comes to Google Stadia

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Madden 21 is coming to Google Stadia!

Things will kick off big with a free weekend for Google Stadia Pro members - which anyone can try as a free trial for a month!

Here's how to play Madden 21 free this weekend via Google Stadia.

Release Date

A new Google Stadia Madden 21 free weekend is running from January 28th to January 31st.

This is clever as it won’t cost you anything to see how well the game translates to a cloud environment.

How to Activate Madden 21 Free Weekend

To play Madden 21 free this weekend, you'll need to be a Google Stadia Pro member. This typically costs $9.99 a month, but there's a workaround for new visitors.

To play Madden 21 for free this weekend, you can simply activate a Google Stadia free trial membership that will last a month.

You can read over the full process and the best way to spend your Madden 21 free weekend here.

Is Google Stadia good?

Google Stadia hasn't rocked the gaming world the way the creators might have hoped.

FOCUS: EA are getting behind Stadia
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FOCUS: EA are getting behind Stadia

They rushed it to market without some key features that have since been added like support for cellular connectivity, voice assistant and 4K streaming.

But that said, 12 months later and it is getting better and they are investing in the platform. The more games they get the more credible the offer becomes.

It is still a lot cheaper than the traditional competitors, and with subscription models proving a hit with things like Netflix - it could be here to stay.

What Are The Expectations for Madden 21?


This is the first game with the famous Frostbite engine on Google Stadia so all eyes on how well it translates to a streaming style.

EA Sports biggest competitor, 2K sports, are already available so this is an important step that they won't want to get wrong.

Interestingly, Madden 21 has taken two forms this year with the release of next-gen versions of the game. It's likely that the Google Stadia option will be the original form but we will wait and see.

Once the trial finishes you will have to buy the game to keep it, but some heavy discounts are applied to certain versions.

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