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*UPDATED* Madden 21 Spongebob: The Yard, Location, Moves, Bubble Bowl & more

EA shocked fans by announcing a Spongebob Madden 21 crossover, and it's only gotten more surprising since.

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While we originally expected a Bubble Bowl crossover for the upcoming Super Bowl, it looks like there's more than that coming to Madden 21.

Spongebob Joins The Yard

Madden 21 The Yard has got a brand new location and some new moves and content to show off that are inspired by Spongebob and Bikini Bottom.

You can check out EA's hype trailer for the new features below:


EA Reveals Spongebob in Madden 21

Yes, you're reading that right. Spongebob is coming to EA's football sim gaming franchise with Madden 21.

Madden 21 Spongebob Bubble Bowl MUT 21
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BIKINI ROCK BOTTOM?: Is this a big win or loss for Madden 21?

EA teased a Madden 21 Spongebob crossover on Twitter Tuesday morning, and it has fans buzzing in all directions.


While fans are excited at the ridiculousness of a Madden 21 Bubble Bowl crossover and are ready to sing along to Sweet Victory - others understandably are frustrated.

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This lighthearted crossover is sure to bring some laughs, but it's taking development time from many real core issues Madden 21 still has - including very limited upgrades to its Franchise Mode that sparked massive controversy before release.

But while fans have some warranted criticisms, let's take off our critic hats and look ahead to what could soon be a Madden 21 Bubble Bowl.

Is a Madden 21 Bubble Bowl Next?

Sweet Victory as some fans would call, Madden 21 has crossed over with Spongebob, and we fully expect the Bubble Bowl to be at the heart of things.

Madden 21 Bubble Bowl Spongebob
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BUBBLE BOWL LV: Will the Bubble Bowl come to Madden 21 for Super Bowl LV?

The Bubble Bowl is one of the most infamous Spongebob Squarepants episodes of all time, featuring a massive halftime concert from Spongebob and his friends.


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This crossover could include Spongebob and crew playing at halftime during games in regular and MUT 21 game modes.

While it feels wild to guess at the possibilities of this move, it's because the concept itself is so strange.

Madden 21 January Title Update

With the EA Spongebob teaser now in play, the possibilities for the Madden 21 January Title Update feel endless.

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While we expect some Franchise Mode boosts, MUT 21 balance changes, and bug fixes, now we can also expect some shenaigants from Spongebob Squarepants.