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Madden 21 Ratings: Week 14 Roster Update predictions - Hurts, Wentz, Young, Ryan & more

With only three games left in the regular season, every second on the gridiron matters.

We know that EA likes to update the Madden rosters based on performance trends.

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Who will be getting a boost in the next roster update? And which players will be getting a downgrade?


Jalen Hurts (68 to 70)

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Hurts rating hasn't changed since the start of Madden because we haven't seen much of him.

But to come in against one of the best defenses in the NFL and then lead your team to victory, is mightily impressive.

Hurts had 167 yards for 1 TD but he also rushed 18 times for 106 yards. Basically playing two positions and giving New Orleans a threat they weren't prepared for.


Carson Wentz (74 to 73)

The NFL is a zero-sum game, and when someone wins, someone loses.

Hurts gain is Wentz's loss. It's unlikely we see him suit up for the Eagles again this season barring injury.

Wentz has dropped two points last week, expect to see another one this week.

Chase Young (83 to 85)

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The 2nd overall pick has shown he deserves to be considered a top talent after only 13 games in the NFL.


He was everywhere against the 49ers. His pressure helped the Football Team win the game and take a stronghold on the NFC East.

He had a couple of tackles and a sack, but the highlight was a 41-yard Fumble return for a TD.

Matt Ryan (85 to 84)

It's been a tough season for Matt Ryan.

In some moments he has put the team on his back, in others he has thrown the game away.

In a tight match against the Chargers this week, it was the latter. Fan's don't see Ryan as the problem - but he might not be the answer either.

A week of three interceptions means he's likely to see a drop in rating that he had been avoiding the last few weeks.


Derrick Henry (94 to 95)

We talk about Henry every week and somehow he was downgraded last week just because he had one week of sub 100 yards.

But he was back to it this week with 26 carries for 215 yards and two TDs. That's 8.3 yards per carry, which when everyone knows you're going to get the ball - is crazy.

That's twice what is considered a good average.

Jonathan Taylor (76 to 79)

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In a week of great HB performances, Jonathan Taylor's was one to be excited about.


The powerful HB bruised the Raider's defenders on his way to 150 rushing yards and two TDs.

The colts are staked in the backfield but this rookie is showing veteran levels of ability and his rating needs to reflect that.

Julio Jones (95 to 94)

Jones has struggled with injury this season more than ever before.

He missed the game against the Chargers which is now four games for the season the Falcons have been without one of the best WRs in the game.

He could miss out on a 1,000 yard receiving season for the first time in 7 years. He is still one of the best, but expect to see a slight downgrade.