Madden 21 Ratings: Green Bay Packers prediction – Bakhtiari, Adams, Rodgers & more

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Madden 21 has been confirmed with a release date of 25 August. And that means Madden 21 ratings are going to be out soon.

Now with the release date official and confirmed new features, it looks like EA is looking to make strides with the latest release of its iconic NFL franchise.Table of Contents


EA Play is in the rearview mirror and has left Madden 21 fans wanting more.

EA held a developer stream with great insight into new gameplay, also the trailer gave us a look at some new features and confirmed a lot of details.

Team Rating (85 OVR)

The Packers were one of the better-rated teams in Madden 20 at 87 OVR. This was with an 84 defense and an 89 offense. They have made a couple of moves this offseason but not much so expect a small decline;

  • Offense - 83 OVR
  • Defense - 87 OVR

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David Bakhtiari (LT, 95 OVR)

A 2x Pro Bowler Bakhtiari has turned out to be a leading LT in the NFL despite being drafted in the 4th round.


He's a big reason for Aaron Rodgers's success and his 310lb frame is always there protecting the star QBs blindside.

Davante Adams (WR, 92 OVR)

A 3x Pro Bowler, Adams has yet to register a full season starting in the NFL.

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He is a phenomenal talent though, and despite not getting receiving yardage stats that make you notice, he has a knack of scoring TDs. Expect him to have great stats and big season if he can stay on the field.

Aaron Rodgers (QB, 89 OVR)

One of the star players in the NFL, Rodgers is a former Super Bowl MVP. He has also won league MVP twice, as well as holding a couple of NFL records.

rsz madden 20 legends aaron rodgers

TWICE MVP: Rodgers is used to be the man

He is a great pocket passer, with the ability to make plays with his legs when he needs to. Rodgers comes off another 4,000+ passing yard season whilst also leading the league in Interception % with just 0.7% of his passes being picked off.

Kenny Clark (DT, 89 OVR)

At 24 years old and 314 lbs, Clark is a big young man that is a crucial part of the Packer defensive line.

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A 1st round pick in 2016, Clark is coming off a Pro Bowl season where he registered 62 tackles and 6 sacks. An elite run-stuffer he will make the difference with the new gameplay mechanics.

Jaire Alexander (CB, 88 OVR)

A 1st round pick in 2018, Alexander has risen quickly to achieve against that potential.

rsz jaire alexander xfactor madden 20

X-FACTOR: Alexander is a shutdown corner

Finishing the season with 17 pass deflections and 2 interceptions, Alexander will be pleased with his production. He is a very solid CB and if he can get a couple more picks a season, then you will see an elite rating in Madden.

Jordan Love (QB, 67 OVR)

The 26th overall pick in this year's draft, Love comes out of Utah State but didn't have the reputation of a 1st round pick.

Many Packers fans hated this pick, Rodgers is only 36 years old and has plenty of years left. However, this was the same thing the Packers did in bringing Rodgers himself through the system.

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