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Madden 21 Ratings: Best free safeties (FS) in Franchise Mode - McCourty, Byard, Simmons & more

Free safety is often a forgotten position by NFL fans, but not Madden players.

The last line of defense, your free safety needs to be able to cover ground, tackle, and intercept the ball.

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But who are the best in Madden 21?


How to choose the best free safeties (FS) in Madden 21's Franchise Mode

In this article we will be looking at the very best free safeties in Madden 21's offline modes, like Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise.

These players all have FS listed as their primary position. We want the best OVRs here, so its all regardless of contract status, age, or any other factors.

Let's dive in!

Devin McCourty - 92 OVR

Team: New England Patriots

There has been a lot of turnover in New England, but Devin McCourty is still there securing the back end of the defense.

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With 90 speed and 91 acceleration he can get around the field well. His 94 awareness and 90 play recognition means he is rarely out of position.

He has the best combination of coverage stats at the position, with 93 zone and 85 man coverage. McCourty also has the best catching (81) among FSs too.

Kevin Byard - 91 OVR

Team: Tennessee Titans

The Titans FS is next. Byard comes with 90 speed and 89 acceleration. He has 89 awareness and 85 play recognition along with a strong 79 tackle.

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His 93 zone coverage is terrific, though his 78 man coverage is a little limiting. His 79 catching is strong too.


Justin Simmons - 90 OVR

Team: Denver Broncos

In at #3 is Denver's Justin Simmons. With 88 speed and 91 acceleration he can get around the field. His 96 agility is also a great boost to that. He has 92 awareness and 89 play recognition too.

Simmons is a little light in coverage, with 85 zone and 81 man, but that agility combined with 96 jumping means he can get to some balls others simply can't.

Eddie Jackson - 89 OVR

Team: Chicago Bears

The Bears' turnover machine Eddie Jackson is next. With 88 speed and 90 acceleration he can get around, and his 78 catching will help him snag some interceptions.

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TURNOVER MONSTER: Eddie Jackson has been crucial to Chicago's defense

Jackson's 94 zone coverage is the best at the position, and his 82 man coverage is solid.


Earl Thomas III - 88 OVR

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Thomas used to be the best, but EA has downgraded him in recent years. With 88 speed and 91 acceleration he can still get around.

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His 80 catching is very strong for the position, while his 88 awareness and 84 play recognition feel too low for his talents. However, he comes with 89 zone and 82 man coverage.

Micah Hyde - 88 OVR

Team: Buffalo Bills


Buffalo's FS Micah Hyde is next up. With 90 speed and 90 acceleration he's a good athlete. He also has 92 awareness and 87 play recognition to get him to the right spots.

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Hyde has 91 zone and 81 man coverage, so he is a bit more unbalanced that others.

Minkah Fitzpatrick - 87 OVR

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Fitzpatrick is a quality athlete at the position with 90 speed and 93 accleration. He also has 89 awareness and 86 play recognition.

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WORTH THE PRICE: The Steelers traded for Fitzpatrick last year

He brings 88 zone and 82 man coverage as well as 90 jumping to get to high passes.


All the best free safeties in Madden 21

Player Team OVR
Devin McCourtyNew England Patriots92
Kevin ByardTennessee Titans91
Justin SimmonsDenver Broncos90
Eddie JacksonChicago Bears89
Earl Thomas IIIBaltimore Ravens88
Micah HydeBuffalo Bills88
Minkah FitzpatrickPittsburgh Steelers87
Budda BakerArizona Cardinals86
Kendall FullerFree Agent86
Marcus WilliamsNew Orleans Saints85
Justin ReidHouston Texans84
Anthony HarrisMinnesota Vikings83
Jimmie WardSan Francisco 49ers83
Damarious RandallLas Vegas Raiders82
Malik HookerIndianapolis Colts82
Marcus MayeNew York Jets81
Duron HarmonDetroit Lions80
Quandre DiggsSeattle Seahawks80
Jessie Bates IIICincinnati Bengals79
Tre BostonCarolina Panthers79