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Madden 21 Ratings: Best CB's prediction – Gilmore, Ramsey, Sherman, Harris Jr & more

Madden 21 should be hitting shelves soon. And that means Madden 21 ratings are coming.

With a revealed, but not official, release date and some new features hinted at, it looks like EA is looking to make strides with the latest release of its iconic NFL franchise.

EA Play has been delayed a week but still set to go ahead, and with it comes the speculation of who the top players in Madden 21 will be.


There is nothing quite like the battle between wide receivers and cornerbacks. The swagger, the speed, the guile. There are some shutdown corners in the NFL that are well worth watching.

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So who will be the key players that will dominate Madden 21 at the CB position?

Stephon Gilmore (98 OVR)

The Super Bowl champion Stephon Gilmore comes out of 2019 as the current NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

gilmore madden 20
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DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: There's no one better on this side of the ball

Gilmore led the league in 2019 with both 20 pass deflections and 6 interceptions to easily be the best defensive player. A true shutdown corner, most QBs will be avoiding throwing anywhere near him in 2020.

Jalen Ramsey (94 OVR)

A loud but talented player, Ramsey demanded a trade halfway through the 2019 season and was moved from the Jags to the Rams.

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DOME VISION: Ramsey's helmet being used to show the quality of graphics in Madden 20

His 2019 season ended with only one interception, but Ramsey is so effective that often teams will avoid throwing anywhere near him. He has been dominant in his four seasons in the NFL with 50 pass deflections. He is a superstar talent and he is only 25.


Richard Sherman (91 OVR)

At the other end of his career, 32-year-old Sherman already has a Super Bowl to his name and comes off another appearance in the big game.

Another lockdown corner, Sherman has had a knack for interceptions throughout his career. He had 3 in 2019, but also 11 pass deflections and 48 tackles. His stats will decline slightly but he is still up there with the best.

Marlon Humphrey (91 OVR)

Another young cornerback, Ravens fans will argue Humphrey should be in the conversation with Alexander for best young CB.

Humphrey was selected for the 2019 Pro Bowl thanks to his play this season. With 15 pass deflections, 3 interceptions, and 2 forced fumbles he has impressed the league.

Tre'davious White (90 OVR)


A popular NFL player, White was selected to his first Pro Bowl for his play last season.

A breakout year for White had him leading the league with 6 picks. He also matched that with 17 pass deflections and 2 forced fumbles. A turnover machine, White made a massive difference to the Bills team and will be upgraded for Madden 21.

Jaire Alexander (90 OVR)

At only 23, the Packers have a huge talent in Jaire Alexander.

rsz jaire alexander xfactor madden 20
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SHUTDOWN: Alexander is an acrobatic playmaker on defense

With 17 pass deflections in 2019, he is building a reputation as one of the premier young CBs in the NFL. Add 50 tackles, 2 interceptions, and a forced fumble and you have a showing that will lead to upgrades for Madden 21.


Casey Hayward Jr (90 OVR)

The Chargers have a very good player in Hayward Jr. He misses out on the conversations for being included as an elite corner, but he is very solid and rarely gets beat badly.

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With 2 interceptions in 2019, he is unlikely to climb the ratings too much but there's also nothing to suggest he will drop off much either.

Chris Harris Jr (88 OVR)

Harris Jr is joining Hayward Jr at the Chargers for the 2020 season. Since coming in undrafted, Harris Jr rose to be one of the best CBs in the league whilst with the Broncos.

A Super Bowl champion, he only had one interception in 2019, but he showed his classic shutdown corner abilities. Whilst age is starting to work against him, he will be in the top CBs for Madden 21.

Byron Jones (88 OVR)

One of the big offseason moves by the Miami Dolphins, Jones has swapped Texas for Florida for Madden 21.

byron jones madden 20
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AMERICA'S TEAM: Jones was the star of the Cowboys secondary

Jones had a particularly good 2018 season but failed to repeat the same statistical levels for 2019. He missed some games and went without any interceptions. With 6 pass deflections being less than half his peers he won't be due an upgrade, but there's no doubting his reputation more generally.


Patrick Peterson (87 OVR)

The 8x Pro Bowler for the Cardinals, Peterson is used to being included in these conversations since he was taken 5th overall in 2011.

He missed the first six games of the season due to suspension, but still got his customary couple of interceptions and even came up with a forced fumble. Another lockdown corner on the list, Peterson will be one of the names to look out for in Madden 21.

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