MUT Free Agency goes live with Prescott and Watt

Madden 21 Ultimate Team players have been able to continue enjoying the return of MUT Heroes, but MUT Free Agency, a promo we last saw for Madden 20, is back.

MUT Free Agency brings over a dozen new cards into play, including two must-have Masters.

MUT Free Agency Masters

The new MUT Free Agency Promo has also introduced two Masters, and these two are absolute game-changers for your Ultimate Team.

Madden 21 MUT Free Agency Image
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PICK YOUR CHEMISTRY: Masters get any Team Chemistry you want

Dak Prescott and JJ Watt area available, and both come with upgrades that allow you to place any Team Chemistry on their card.

That means they can be optimized for any Ultimate Team configuration, and these 98 OVR monsters are must-haves.

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Offensive Master Dak Prescott (QB) 98 OVR

If you need a quarterback for your Madden 21 Ultimate Team, there may be no better option than Free Agency Offensive Master Dak Prescott.

MUT 21 Free Agency Madden Dak Prescott Card
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DANGEROUS DAK: A little pressure can't keep Prescott down

Just in pure stats, he's wielding a 98 in Throw Accuracy Short, 97 in Throw On The Run and Throw Accuracy Medium, and 98 in Throw Power, Throw Under Pressure, and Play Action.


Add to that the Team Chemistry bonus, and Prescott is perfect for any offense in Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

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Defensive Master JJ Watt (LE) 98 OVR

On the other side of the ball, few players can strike fear like Free Agency Defensive Master JJ Watt.

MUT Free Agency Madden 21 JJ Watt Image Card
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EX-TEXAN: JJ Watt can terrorize any Ultimate Team offense

His stats are led by an astronomical 99 in Play Recognition, as well as a 98 in Strength and Tackle, 97 in Power Moves, and 95 in Block Shedding.


Again bringing the Team Chemistry ability, Watt can fit perfectly as a threat in your Ultimate Team.

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All MUT 21 Free Agency Players

In total, there are 20 players available in the new MUT Free Agency promo, including two Masters (98 OVR) and six Heroes (96 OVR).

You can find every player in MUT Free Agency listed below, and there is no applicable team as they're all Free Agency-styled cards.

  • Dak Prescott (QB) 98 OVR - Master
  • JJ Watt (LE) 98 OVR - Master
  • Allen Robinson II (WR) 96 OVR - Hero
  • Le'Veon Bell (HB) 96 OVR - Hero
  • Justin Simmons (FS) 96 OVR - Hero
  • William Jackson III (CB) 96 OVR - Hero
  • Leonard Williams (RE) 96 OVR - Hero
  • Hunter Henry (TE) 96 OVR - Hero
  • Bud Dupree (ROLB) 94 OVR
  • Curtis Samuel (WR) 94 OVR
  • Jameis Winston (QB) 93 OVR
  • Carl Lawson (RE) 93 OVR
  • Russell Okung (LT) 92 OVR
  • Malik Hooker (FS) 92 OVR
  • Marlon Mack (HB) 89 OVR
  • Matt Milano (LOLB) 89 OVR
  • Quinton Dunbar (CB) 88 OVR
  • Gerald Everett (TE) 88 OVR
  • Duke Johnson Jr (HB) 87 OVR
  • Romeo Okwara (RE) 87 OVR

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