Madden 21 Money Play: How to get pressure on the QB EVERY play

Madden 21 has been out on general release for over a week.

And the guys at have been hard at work finding the plays that will make the difference to your game.

The first big defensive money play is here.

You want to use the Nickel 3-3-5 as this is a great formation for stopping the run but still having three CB's in coverage.


Cover 3 Sky Drop

madden 21 cover 3 sky drop
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Playbook – Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks


Formation – Nickel

Group – Nickel 3-3-5

Play – Cover 3 Sky Drop

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Although this play can be used with a lot of plays with three defensive linemen so practice this in other formations and plays to see how it goes.

Money Play Audibles

This play is pretty straight forward but there are always some audibles to not leave yourself exposed.

madden 21 cover 3 sky drop money play 1
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ART: This is how the play art should look before the snap. Beautiful

It's important to follow the right order;

  1. Put your coverage in Press coverage - use Triangle/Y and then press down on the RS
  2. Pinch the defensive line - left on the d-pad, down on the LS
  3. Crash the defensive line - left on the d-pad, down on the RS
  4. Set defensive line to contain - press RB twice
  5. Set OLB to spy - select the player you want to be the spy and press A/X followed by RS move to the left.
  6. Change MLB to zone coverage - select the MLB and press A/X followed by LS down

With these moves you essentially get all three DL players to crash the A block at the same time.

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The contain then forces them from the inside toward the out and creating a clear path for one of the players to the QB.

madden 21 cover 3 sky drop money play 2
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TRAIN CRASH: The three DL crash the A gap and then force outward


The blockers to the outside are mostly useless for the offense.

The best thing about this play is that it creates pressure with only three rushers. the rest of your team will be in a decent coverage protecting any quick passes.

The press coverage will be tight to the receivers making it difficult to get anything other than a few yards in the flat.

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As always, if you over use this good players will learn how to mitigate the pressure.

They can bring FB's into block and set double team in the middle as well as pinching the offensive line.

Practice makes perfect, but this play is an early contender for best defensive money play in Madden 21.

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