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Madden 21: Play FREE This Weekend! - How to Sign Up, Google Stadia, Trial & more

You can play Madden 21 free this weekend thanks to an event celebrating its arrival to streaming platform Google Stadia!

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Here's how to set up your free Madden 21 weekend trial with Google Stadia and get started.

Madden 21 Free Weekend

Google Stadia is a new streaming platform that's making big waves in gaming.

Madden 21 Free Weekend Trial Google Stadia Download How to Play
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UNLEASH: Madden 21 gives players all the opportunity to go big

To celebrate Madden 21 finally going live on Google Stadia, a new event is allowing players to try out the newest football game for free this weekend.

To play Madden 21 free this weekend, however, you'll need to sign up for Google Stadia. The good news is that you can do this on a free trial!

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How to Play Madden 21 Free this Weekend

The first step to playing Madden 21 free this weekend with Google Stadia is signing up for your membership.

Madden 21 Google Stadia Free Weekend Download
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TIME LIMITED: This massive Stadia deal is a great way to spend the weekend

If you haven't used a Google Stadia free trial yet, you can activate the 1 month trial here. Just beware, if you don't want to use the service after the Madden 21 event, you'll want to cancel before it charges $9.99 per month!

Once you've gotten your Google Stadia Pro membership, it's all smooth sailing, and you can get started with Madden 21 here.


Best Ways to Use Madden 21 Free Weekend

To get the most of your Madden 21 free weekend, we have some recommendations on things to do.

Start Building Your MUT 21 Squad

MUT 21 is a game mode that can be fun in the short and long term, so it fits perfectly for a Madden 21 free weekend.

Madden 21 MUT 21 Google Stadia Trial
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OLD MEETS NEW: Football legends return to action in MUT 21

If you're a football fan that enjoys the game's history, MUT 21 can be one of the best experiences Madden 21 has to offer.


You can build a timeless team of superstars from throughout the game's history and take on other players online or challenges solo.

Just be careful, if you become too big a fan, you might be back next week!

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Take Your Team to the Top in Franchise

Madden 21 Franchise Mode received a ton of criticism with the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag trend, but the game mode is still certainly worth playing during the free weekend.

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Google Stadia Trial
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CHEEKY: Some clever moves can get you ahead in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

With some improvements from EA, it's not as bad as you may have been told.


A fun challenge for the Madden 21 free weekend is to try and take your favorite team to the top and bring home a Super Bowl win!

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Finish Up Face of the Franchise

Face of the Franchise in Madden 21 may be one of the worst received of its game modes this year, but the story mode is still a fun way to spend some hours.

Madden 21 Free Weekend How to Play
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DECISIONS: You make the choices in this Madden 21 career game mode

You'll be able to play through the career of a player in whatever position you choose, rising through the ranks of high school, college, and eventually NFL football.

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Take Things Backyard With The Yard

Backyard football games are some of the most popular in gaming history, but until Madden 21, it had been years since that gameplay was revisited.

Madden 21 Free Trial The Yard
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STYLE POINTS: Things get savage in The Yard

Madden 21 added The Yard to help build on those fond memories.


The Yard is an entirely different gameplay experience with unique moves, positions, rules, scoring systems, and more.

If you're looking to shake things up in Madden 21, there's no better place to do it!

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