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Madden 21 Franchise Mode: Drafting needs a revamp - mock drafts, variability, trades, busts & more

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We are approaching the 2020 NFL Draft, as well as the anticipated launch in last August of Madden 21 - unless that changes.

This is usually excitement enough, but by the end of the year we will also have the next-gen consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X. All eyes are on EA Sports to see what they do with Madden.

2K Sports are creeping onto their territory and this could be a defining edition of Madden.

In the game itself, Franchise players have felt neglected due to the success of MUT. But there are some quick wins available that could get them back onside.

We've listed them out below.

Improved Scouting

Scouting needs to be overhauled.

Games like NBA 2K20 really do put to shame the depth of the system in Madden. It has been put together in a way that requires the least amount of work, whilst still being just about viable.

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SHAKEUP - The Scouting system hasn't been looked at for a few years

There should be the ability to hire different scouts with different skills and preferences.

It should be possible to invite a certain amount of Draft prospects for a team workout. Currently, you only get to see three stats for each prospect - this could be exploded to showing an indicator for each stat, but only if they have been scouted in depth.

Better Trading Logic

The AI for trades can be strange. In some situations, it will let you trade with the CPU in ways that allow you to make silly moves in the market, and then other times it will ask for stupidly large price tags.

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Again, NBA 2K20 leads the way with the ability to choose "Trade Finder" where you post up something and teams come back to you with sensible options.

Madden has this to a very limited degree and you have to wait a week to see any results.

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COMPETITOR: 2K have been doing it well

Live in the draft, when the clock is ticking this can be infuriating.

Trading down always seems to be difficult, or you get rubbish offered back. The reality is this is quite common in the NFL, but not reflected in Madden.

Deeper College Scenarios

There are lists on Reddit, where players have managed to match all the draft stories presented in-game with what it means for the player's draft result. This is admittedly fairly common, but the list shouldn't be so short!

Its another case of a minimum viable product, rather than care and effort to produce hundreds of scenarios. Also if those scenarios were somewhat randomized it would keep players on their toes.

Absolutely, there should be a skill applied to see and understand the scenarios that are published about College players. But it shouldn't be as easy as it is. If you are in a Franchise mode with mostly real players, the best players are gone by the 1st round - it's too easy.

Part-randomised ability with real players

The only thing on this list that would be difficult to implement. One of the big reasons Football Manager has managed to thrive worldwide is that every time you play the game its a slightly different variant.

The way their ability and the potential system works, the players have a metric that defines that they are of a certain level - but how they turn out in the detail is randomized within that level. In short, you don't know who will be world-class. You can google names to check out and potentially sign, but they might not turn out as good as you expect.

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It would be amazing to apply this to Madden drafting and player abilities. Adding in real draft classes, with their best view for two or three drafts would seriously up the realism. There is the ability to import draft classes that ticks that box. However, if every simulation led to a slightly different result, this would keep people playing and playing.

Imagine a world where Joe Burrow goes #1 overall, but in 15% of simulations he's a total bust, 30% he's average, 40% he is good and in 15% he is a Hall of Fame level. That add's a delicious level of realism and excitement to playing.

Multiple Mock Drafts

Switching back to something that's so easy to implement. Mock drafts. Having multiple outlets offering different Mock Drafts giving some clue on who might be 1st round talent is another small amount of depth for a limited outlay.

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If there is some kind of broadcast deal for Madden 21, this could be the perfect hookup. Imagine an ESPN Top 50 players or CBS Top 10 per position.

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