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Madden 21 Franchise: Best impending Free Agents after season one - Kittle, Ramsey, Miller & more

Madden 21 is only weeks away.

And with it, franchise players are eagerly awaiting getting stuck into the game and building their team.

Any franchise player knows that having an eye for the future is huge.


Especially the first free agency you get to sign top talent.

There's every chance that these players could renew their contracts before they hit free agency. Its likely the team will be keen to during the first season.

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But as things stand, these are the best players hitting 2021 free agency in Madden 21:

George Kittle, 49ers, TE - 98 OVR

One of the biggest names in the NFL is now due a big pay day.

Kittle has burst onto the scene and has been unlucky not to join the 99 Club. And at 27 years of age, this is his chance at a mega deal.

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SUPER BOWL APPEARANCE: Kittle nearly won it all last season

As a TE he can do it all, and given his current deal is around $600k a year, there's a chance the 49ers might not be able to re-sign him as he will easily command over $10m a year.


Jalen Ramsey, Rams, CB - 94 OVR

The loudmouthed CB has been a shutdown corner since he came into the NFL. He's currently costing the Rams just under $6m a year, but he will be wanting to break $17m a year soon enough.

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If you can get this young stud you will be set for 5+ years at starting CB and have a player that can match up with just about every WR in the NFL.

Von Miller, Broncos, LOLB - 97 OVR

Miller would be higher on the list were it not for the fact he is 32 years of age.

Regression hits hard in Madden, but with the new pass-rush game mechanics he could still be an important player. Particularly in 3-4 defenses.

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LUCKY: Not everyday you get the chance to sign a former Super Bowl MVP

His inclusion in this list also depends on whether the Broncos team option is activated or not.


Dalvin Cook, Vikings, HB - 91 OVR

Cook tops a hefty year for HB re-signings. Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara, and Chris Carson are also looking to do deals.

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But Cook is the best of the bunch, and his strong downhill running will be a real asset for the new ball carrier stick controls in Madden 21.

These players aren't likely to get Christian McCaffrey level money, but they are looking for a 6-8x increase on their existing deals.

Justin Simmons, Broncos, FS - 90 OVR

Simmons is already the 6th highest paid FS in the NFL, so its a little easier for the Broncos to renew without feeling cap pain.


He is paid fairly for what is a top safety player and at 27 years old it will be a deal for his prime years.

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If you need a ball hawk in the secondary, it could be worth doing a deal to secure him and then resign him before he even has the chance to hit FA.

Dak Prescott, Cowboys, QB - 84 OVR

After an offseason of rumors about a deal, Prescott was tagged which means that it will be next year for a mega deal to be done.

If Madden 21 is anything like real life Prescott will want a BIG payday but there will be plenty of QB needy teams willing to do so.

His tag amount is already nearly $32m, so the pain for the Cowboys owner might not be that bad if resigning.

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