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Madden 20: Will update force you to change offensive & defensive schemes?

Offensive Linemen are now X-Factor Superstars too

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  • Edge Protector - Reduces edge pass rusher’s chance of successful rush move
  • Post Up - Improves blocker’s ability to hold double team blocks (both run & pass)
  • Run Block Elite - Holds blocks longer when run blocking 
  • Pass Block Elite - Holds blocks longer when pass blocking
  • Zone Blocker - Holds blocks longer on zone-blocked run plays
  • Power Blocker - Holds blocks longer on gap-blocked plays
  • Threat Detector - Detects/indicates extra blitzers on 3rd and 4th down plays 
  • All Day - Increases wait-timer between pass-rush move attempts by the defender when engaged on passing plays
  • Nasty Streak - Frequently impact blocks smaller defenders when blocking in space
  • Puller Elite - More effective at winning blocking engagements when pulling on run plays
  • Secure Protector - Significant reduction to pass rusher’s chance to use a quick shed move or edge rush on passing plays

New Pass Block Double Team Pre Snap Mechanic

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Playbook Changes

There are a variety of playbook fixes and the addition of the Patriots Hoss-Juke concept plays to the Patriots playbook. This has been in and out of their offense for years, but was used in last years Super Bowl with great success. 

Nerfing the Stiff Arm, Fixing Fumbles

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