Madden 20: Will update force you to change offensive & defensive schemes?

The first major Madden 20 patch is here. What does it do to the gameplay you are used to?

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

EA Sports are notorious for bringing out a patch within the first month of release for the Madden games.

This helps them use the most committed players who get the game on release as a community of testers. They will adjust some bugs, limit some money plays and sometimes add new features. Now the first Madden 20 patch is here. 

Most major patches this early in a game tweak and correct gameplay aspects that have either become outdated thanks to real life events, or correct some of the OP situations that unexpectedly occurred in the build and have been discovered, and exploited, by players.

So what does this Madden 20 patch do?

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Offensive Linemen are now X-Factor Superstars too

With that beard, why wouldn’t you be. 

This now means offensive lineman can play their role in shaping the game in the same way as all the other positions. This will make players who have the trait to be even more valuable.

  • Edge Protector – Reduces edge pass rusher’s chance of successful rush move
  • Post Up – Improves blocker’s ability to hold double team blocks (both run & pass)
  • Run Block Elite – Holds blocks longer when run blocking 
  • Pass Block Elite – Holds blocks longer when pass blocking
  • Zone Blocker – Holds blocks longer on zone-blocked run plays
  • Power Blocker – Holds blocks longer on gap-blocked plays
  • Threat Detector – Detects/indicates extra blitzers on 3rd and 4th down plays 
  • All Day – Increases wait-timer between pass-rush move attempts by the defender when engaged on passing plays
  • Nasty Streak – Frequently impact blocks smaller defenders when blocking in space
  • Puller Elite – More effective at winning blocking engagements when pulling on run plays
  • Secure Protector – Significant reduction to pass rusher’s chance to use a quick shed move or edge rush on passing plays

This should nicely balance out the pass rushing X-Factor abilities that have somewhat unbalanced the game, as will the next bit…

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New Pass Block Double Team Pre Snap Mechanic

There is a new capability to double team a defender, replacing the pre snap “pinch” block adjustment.

You can now target a defender aligned on the line of scrimmage for a pass-block double team. You can do this by opening the pass protection menu with R1/RB, and selecting the bottom option: ‘Double Team’. Once in this state, you’ll be shown a ‘D2’ indicator that you can move around with the LS, and then lock in your double team target by pressing A/X. While this can be bluffed on running plays and play-action, it will only assign a double team on drop-back passing plays.

This is a great way to counter Superstar X-Factor pass rushers. However, know that as it double teams it can leave others open and unblocked and as with everything in Madden – it needs to be planned carefully.

These two additions to the offensive arsenal will mean you have to get more creative with your defense. You can’t just rely on the pass rush to get home and cause havoc now. Aaron Donald can be nullified, Khalil Mack will need more support.

Be ready to mix in trap coverages, zone blitzes, and move your stars around the line more to generate the pressure you are used to. Conversely, this should improve the ability to throw deep for teams with elite offensive lines like Philadelphia and Dallas.

It shouldn’t change your schemes too much, but it can open fresh avenues for success and close a couple of paths to glory you used to take, so be ready for some of your favorite plays to no longer be so effective.

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Playbook Changes

There are a variety of playbook fixes and the addition of the Patriots Hoss-Juke concept plays to the Patriots playbook. This has been in and out of their offense for years, but was used in last years Super Bowl with great success. 

There are lots of bug fixes on the official patch notes, but these key gameplay improvements make for a much more immersive game.

There are also some cosmetic changes, like refreshed likenesses for rookies and some head coaches.

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Nerfing the Stiff Arm, Fixing Fumbles

Players have noticed that the stiff arm mechanic has been wildly over-powered this year, and so have the developers. This patch will knock down the stiff arm a bit, so be ready to go to the precision juke and spin move once again to beat a defender.

The frequent fumbles have also been toned down a little, though not on QB’s as this is an intentional move to provide some balance to scrambling quarterbacks.

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