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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Zero Chill gets its first update with Ghosts of Madden Future - Terry McLaurin, Devin Bush, Brian Burns

Earlier this week, Zero Chill made its way
back to MUT with the launch of the signature winter program.

It contains lots of players, brings plenty
of packs into the store, and sees several new challenges make it’s way to Solo’s
and online H2H.

Ove the next three weeks, the duration of
the program, there will be plenty of updates bringing new challenges and
players to Ultimate Team.

Now, just a few days after its release,
there has already been an update.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest update to MUT Zero Chill.

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A MUTmas Carol


The next group of solo challenges has
arrived in the form of A MUTmas Carol.

A MUTmas Carol brings in 16 new challenges, ranging from having to gain two first downs to 120 passing yards.

In all you can earn up to 48 stars towards
the 434 stars needed to earn an 88-91 OVR NAT Zero Chill player. It will also reward
you 12,000 coins and 160 Kindling.

Ghosts of Madden Future

In addition to a new solo challenge, four more players can now be acquired as part of Zero Chill’s Ghosts of Madden Future program.

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Terry McLaurin, Master (94 OVR)

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Terry McLaurin has one of the better value receiver cards already in MUT in the form of his Football Outsiders card, but now he has one of the best receiver cards in the entire game.

With 95 speed, 90 jumping, 93 catching, 92 catch in traffic, 94 spectacular catch and great route running, this card is immense. Though with NFL 100 receivers coming out soon, it may be worth holding off to buy this card for a lofty 368k coins on Xbox and 386k coins on PS4.


Devin Bush (93 OVR)

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In need of a linebacker who could get away with playing safety? Look no further because this is your guy.

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This is absolutely one of the best MLB
cards in the gamer at this point, and if paired with linebackers who excel against
the run he will dominate. With 91 speed, 92 acceleration, 94 jumping, 89 play
rec, 93 pursuit, 91 tackle, 94 hit power and 84 zone coverage, this is crazy


Chris Lindstrom (93 OVR)

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This Lindstrom card is immense. If you
manage to get him your team will have gotten dramatically better up front.

Not only does he hit the 89 run block threshold,
with 89 strength, 86 acceleration, 96 lead block and 93 impact block he is a
bulldozer as a pulling guard. Ad 87 pass block with 89 pass block power and 87
pass block finesse and he is an all-round great player.  


Brian Burns (93 OVR)

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Within the right scheme, Burns will be a
nightmare for offenses. Either in a 3-4 scheme or as a 4-3 defensive end he
will terrorize opposing QBs.

With 88 speed, 91 acceleration and 91 play rec he will come off the ball so quickly and be able to get into the right place so quickly. Add 96 pursuit and 91 finesse moves and he can be a staple on your defensive edge for a long time.

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