Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The fastest middle linebackers (MLB) in MUT - Patrick Willis, Brian Urlacher & more

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As Madden Ultimate Team advances into Series 5 there are some seriously powerful cards, especially on offense.

To combat them you will need to build a strong defense with a fast middle linebacker.

This is the player you will be controlling most frequently and using to cover ground to the sidelines on run plays and deep in coverage against the pass.

As a result, you may want to forgo a huge OVR total for a
few extra points of speed. This will help you keep up with Barry Sanders or
Tarik Cohen while being able to reach those deep corner/post routes to take the
ball away.

So who are the fastest middle linebackers in Madden Ultimate Team right now?

Patrick Willis (96 OVR)

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Speed: 91

Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Auction House Value: Xbox - 670k / PS4 - 688k / PC - 594k

After the holidays promotions there is a new king in town, and his name is Patrick Willis.

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This monstrous card delivers 91 speed, acceleration, and agility along with 93 play recognition and 89 strength. He also has 95 pursuit, 94 hit power, and 93 tackling. His coverage skill is also elite, with 79 zone and 70 man.

Devin Bush (93 OVR)

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Speed: 91

Program: Ghosts of Madden - Future

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Auction House Value: Xbox - 201k / PS4 - 198k / PC - 184k

Another Ghost of Madden, Devin Bush looks set to be a menace on MUT for a while. His 91 speed comes with 92 acceleration and 94 jumping, as well as 94 hit power and 93 pursuit. His 84 zone coverage is almost impossible to best.

Brian Urlacher (96 OVR)

Brian Urlacher Utlimate Legends mut
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Speed: 90

Program: Ultimate Legends

Team: Chicago Bears

Auction House Value: Xbox - 300k / PS4 - 313k / PC - 373k

The Ultimate Legends cards have dropped, and with them this beast of a Brian Urlacher card.

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The Chicago Bears icon has 90 speed along with 94 play recognition, 95 tackle, 94 pursuit, a massive 90 zone coverage and 90 jump.

Devin White (92 OVR)

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Speed: 90

Program: TOTW

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Auction House Value: Xbox - 206k / PS4 - 190k / PC - 216k

Devin White earned this TOTW Hero card in Week 13, where the
rookie racked up seven tackles, and interception, and a touchdown on a fumble

This card is an absolute beast. With 95 pursuit, 93 tackle,
and 92 hit power he can bring down anyone. With 90 speed, 89 acceleration, and
87 play recognition he can fly around the field and his 91 jumping is very
useful for breaking up passes.

Brian Urlacher (86 OVR)

Brian Urlacher Utlimate Legends mut 86 ovr
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Speed: 90

Program: Ultimate Legends

Team: Chicago Bears

Auction House Value: Xbox - 12.7k / PS4 - 13.1k / PC - 17.5k

Urlacher's base Ultimate Legends card may not have as big an OVR as the top card, but his speed is just as good.


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The 90 speed of this card is boosted by 90 acceleration and 90 jump, but the rest of the stats aren't nearly as strong. He has 82 tackle, 81 play recognition and just 76 zone coverage.

All the fastest middle linebackers (MLB) in MUT

Player Speed OVR Team Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Patrick Willis9196San Francisco 49ersGhosts of Madden - Past670k / 688k
Devin Bush9193Pittsburgh SteelersGhosts of Madden - Future201k / 198k
Brian Urlacher9096Chicago BearsUltimate Legends300k / 313k
Devin White9092Tampa Bay BuccaneersTOTW206k / 190k
Brian Urlacher9086Chicago BearsUltimate Legends12.7k / 13.1k
Luke Kuechly8997Carolina PanthersM20 Tribute478k / 458k
Brian Cushing8995Houston TexansTheme Diamonds170k / 183k
Deion Jones8993Atlanta JonesTOTW93.1k / 87.7k
Jessie Tuggle8894Atlanta FalconsLegends141k / 143k
Roquan Smith8892Chicago BearsHarvest191k / 176k
Devin Bush8886Pittsburgh SteelersTOTW40.9k / 42k
Willie Lanier8794Kansas City ChiefsNFL 100540k / 549k
Brian Bosworth8793Seattle SeahawksLegends317k / 320k
Ray Lewis8793Baltimore RavensMost Feared270k / 270k
Jaylon Smith8791Dallas CowboysBlitz131k / 140k
Patrick Willis8691San Francisco 49ersMUT 10300k / 307k
Deion Jones8690Atlanta FalconsMUT Heroes110k / 110k
Benardrick McKinney8593Houston TexansSignature Series335k / 350k
Brian Urlacher8591Chicago BearsLegends119k / 129k
Devin Bush8579Pittsburgh SteelersTOTW2.9k / 2.2k
Joe Schobert8492Cleveland BrownsTOTW193k / 196k
Zach Brown8489Free AgentVeterans69k / 65.4k
Kwon Alexander8488Tampa Bay BuccaneersFlashbacks50.8k / 47.1k
Jayon Brown8484Tennessee TitansTOTW16.2k / 17.1k
Cole Holcomb8481Washington RedskinsTOTW4.9k / 5.4k

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Madden Ultimate Team is full of high quality cards, and that
will only increase as the year goes on. Right now elite speed is hard to come
by, but it’s vital to the success of your team. That means you need to find the
fastest cards around and fit them into your squad where you can. We have these
cards for you here.