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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Oakland Raiders cards to buy in MUT – Bo Jackson, Josh Jacobs, & more

One of the most famous franchises in the NFL, the Raiders are on TV, in Hollywood and have some mega-famous fans. This is why it is perfect for them to be moving to Las Vegas this year.

They are fun and stylish but also have three Super Bowls to their name.

However, the last one was in 1983 and they have struggled since. But due to their previous success, they have some incredible legends and some of the deepest lists of talent in MUT.

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Which of the Raiders will be the ones you need to give your MUT a boost?


Bo Jackson (95 OVR)

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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past


Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 349k / PS4 – 336k / PC – 340k

Bo Jackson is a bit of an enigma. To some he is the best player to have ever played in the NFL, others claim we will never know. Jackson played in both the NFL and the MLB playing Baseball. He had four seasons at the Raiders which led to 18 TDs, but his NFL career was cut short by injury.

95 speed and 93 acceleration are seriously quick for an HB. 92 agility, 93 carrying and break tackle makes him an elusive back but 95 trucking also helps with power running. 64 catching aside, he is a complete back.

Willie Brown (94 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100


Position: CB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 316k / PS4 – 316k / PC - 398k

A legend from the 70s, Brown has 3x Super Bowls and previously held the record for the longest interception return in a Super Bowl game. He was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, which says a lot.

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93 man, 92 zone cover and 92 press are as versatile as it gets in elite coverage. 92 speed and 90 acceleration will keep up with nearly all WRs. 69 tackle and 78 hit power could be a bit better but this is a very good card.

Dave Casper (94 OVR)

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Program: Legends


Position: TE

Auction House Value: Xbox – 261k / PS4 – 273k / PC - 235k

Another Pro Football Hall of Famer from the 70s, Casper has been involved in not one, but two, of the most famous plays in Raiders history. Both the 'Ghost to the post' and the 'Holy roller' are plays that have gone down in NFL history.

92 catch in traffic is very valuable in passing over the middle against tough users. 90 catch and spectacular catch are incredibly good stats. 85 short route and 86 medium route make for a solid possession TE.

Ray Guy (94 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100


Position: P

Auction House Value: Xbox – 280k / PS4 – 271k / PC – 293k

The list of legends doesn't stop and we have another Pro Football Hall of Famer and 3x Super Bowl Champion from the same era. Famously the first-ever Punter taken in the 1st round, Guy had sensational hang time that allowed the coverage team to get to the ball before it came down.

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94 kick power is as you would expect and 91 kick accuracy makes this card pretty much the best punter in MUT.

Josh Jacobs (93 OVR)

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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Future


Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 155k / PS4 – 195k / PC - 171k

Not everyone is this list is retired. Jacobs holds the future hopes of Raidernation on his broad shoulders. Taken in the 1st round, this rookie has impressed with 1,150 rushing yards and 7 TDs.

96 carrying is going to protect the ball which is important for a power runner that gets hit a lot. 92 stiff arm, 91 break tackles and 91 trucking are going to run over any non-elite defenders. 91 acceleration and 90 juke help him be a little elusive when he needs to be.

All the best Oakland Raiders MUT cards

Bo Jackson95HBGhosts of Madden350k
Willie Brown94CBNFL 100316k
Dave Casper94TELegends261k
Ray Guy94PNFL 100280k
Josh Jacobs93HBGhosts of Madden155k
Ted Hendricks93LOLBZero Chill 
Darren Waller92TEBlitz310k
Derek Carr92QBSignature Series300k
Gene Upshaw92LGLegends155k
Howie Long91RELegends89.6k
LeMarcus Joyner91FSMUT Heroes103k

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