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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best New York Giants cards to buy in MUT – Lawrence Taylor, Saquon Barkley & more

The New York Giants get a lot of focus due to being one of the biggest markets in the NFL, but things have been tricky of late.

Despite four Lombardi trophies in the cabinet already, they see themselves at 3-11 this season with one of the worst records. But that said they do have some young exciting talent as well as rich history to pick some cards from.

To activate level 1 of the team chemistry for the Giants you need five cards from the team. So which players are the best to use?

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Lawrence Taylor (94 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100

Position: ROLB


Auction House Value: Xbox – 571,000 / PS4 – 605,000 / PC – 840,000

Number three on the NFL 100 all-time list, you will struggle to get a better player than this bonafide NFL legend. One of the most known players of all time, Taylor is an absolute stud.

92 power move and 91 finesse move would be elite on their own, but both of them together make Taylor unstoppable. 92 hit power will cause havoc, and 93 pursuit means no one gets away.

Riley Dixon (92 OVR)

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Program: Football Outsiders


Position: P

Auction House Value: Xbox – 156,000 / PS4 – 142,000 / PC 174,000

At only 26 years of age, Dixon has the world at his feet - literally. He is seen as one of the best at the position and a bright light in the difficult Giants season.

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With 92 kick power and 89 kick accuracy, Dixon will have no issue putting boot to ball and is a great asset in special teams.

Leonard Williams (91 OVR)

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Program: Heavyweights


Position: LE

Auction House Value: Xbox – 111,000 / PS4 – 115,000 / PC 110,000

The former sixth overall pick in 2015, Williams moved from the green side of New York to the big blue.

91 power moves alongside 91 tackling and 90 pursuit make Williams a good run stuffer. 90 play recognition and 88 block shed mean that Williams is also a good option when you want to let the CPU fill gaps and make plays.

Evan Engram (91 OVR)

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Program: Signature Series


Position: TE

Auction House Value: Xbox – 340,000 / PS4 –499,000 / PC – Unknown

Another young talented player in this list, Engram was a first rounder in 2017 and has quietly put in some game-changing performances.

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86 catching and 90 special catch will make Engram a good option in mid-range passing situations. 68 run block is OK for the position, and 88 speed with 89 acceleration is good for a TE.

Saquon Barkley (91 OVR)

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Program: MUT Heroes


Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 125,000 / PS4 – 136,000 / PC 140,000

The consensus best player available in the 2018 draft, Barkley was taken second overall and is still only 22 years of age now. He is considered one of the best HBs in the league.

93 agility, 90 juke, and 89 spin all make Barkley very slippery in the running game. 74 catching makes him a legitimate double threat. 93 break tackle also makes him very difficult to bring down.

All the best New York Giants MUT cards

Player OVR Position Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Lawrence Taylor94ROLBNFL 100571k
Riley Dixon92PFootball Outsiders156k
Leonard Williams91LEHeavyweights111k
Evan Engram91TESignature Series340k
Saquon Barkley91HBMUT Heroes125k
Golden Tate III89WRVeterans63.1k
Michael Strahan89LELegends64.3k
Janoris Jenkins89CBVeterans58.8k
Landon Collins89SSFlashbacks60.7k
Antoine Bethea89FSVeterans65k
Jabrill Peppers88SSMost Feared49.4k

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