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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Atlanta Falcons cards to buy in MUT – Michael Vick, Julio Jones, & more

The Atlanta Falcons haven't been the most successful teams in the NFL. They have been to the Super Bowl twice but lost both times. The second of which will go down in history as the most shocking comeback in sports history.

That said, their recent history has been positive. Under Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, they have had more reason for optimism.

They finished the season 7-9 and were mocked by rivals, but they still have some very talented pieces and their fans will see this as an underperformance.

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To activate level 1 of the team chemistry for the Falcons you need five cards from the team. So which ones are the best to use?


Michael Vick (96 OVR)

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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past


Position: QB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 435k / PS4 – 428k / PC – 422k

This card is an absolute game-changer, just like Vick was. His problems aside, Vick changed the style of the NFL and paved the way for more mobile QBs we see today like Lamar Jackson.

93 speed and 95 acceleration make Vick faster than most HBs. 96 Throw Power is impressive and 95 throw on the run makes him the definition of a dual-threat. 95 agility, 93 ball carrier vision and 92 juke make him a great rusher too.

Julio Jones (95 OVR)

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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Present


Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox – 436k / PS4 – 444k / PC - 466k

Taken 6th overall in 2011, Jones has been a revelation for the Falcons. At 30 years old, he already has 18 NFL records including most consecutive seasons with 1,400 receiving yards.

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95 short route, 94 medium route, and 91 deep routes are stupidly good route running stats. Combined with 94 release and 92 catching it makes Jones virtually uncoverable. 92 speed is more than generous and 96 jump is perfect for fighting for jump balls.

Jessie Tuggle (94 OVR)

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Program: Legends


Position: MLB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 225k / PS4 – 231k / PC - 250k

This lifelong Falcon is one of their true legends. Going undrafted, injuries ironically gave Tuggle his chance but also ended his own career. Across the 90s decade, Tuggle set the record for most tackles with 1,293.

Tuggle is a run-stuffing machine with 94 tackling, 92 block shed, and 92 hit power. 69 zone cover isn't terrible for a linebacker but 93 pursuit is going to close down any ball carrier.

Chris Lindstrom (93 OVR)

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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Future


Position: RG

Auction House Value: Xbox – 179k / PS4 – 166k / PC – 161k

A rookie taken with the 14th pick this year, a lot is expected of Lindstrom. Due to injury, we have only seen him play 5 games this season but when he did it was promising.

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89 strength is OK but could be higher, but his 86 acceleration is very high which helps with extending plays such as sweeps. 96 lead block will also support blocking downfield.

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De'Vondre Campbell (93 OVR)

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Program: TOTW


Position: ROLB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 360k / PS4 – 350k / PC - Unknown

In Week 11 of this season, the Falcons put up a great performance against the Panthers and Campbell was one of the ballers in that game. 12 tackles and 1 interception had him all over the field in coverage.

82 zone cover is elite for a linebacker, as is 70 in man cover. 96 tackling will wrap up a man and 88 hit power has a decent chance of causing fumbles.

All the best Atlanta Falcons MUT cards

Michael Vick96QBGhosts of Madden435k
Julio Jones95WRGhosts of Madden436k
Jessie Tuggle94MLBLegends225k
Chris Lindstrom93RGGhosts of Madden179k
De’Vondre Campbell93ROLBTOTW360k
Matt Ryan92QBTOTW315k
Devonta Freeman91HBFlashbacks90.1k
Calvin Ridley91WRHarvest119k
Alex Mack91CHeavyweights95.8k
Desmond Trufant90CBSignature Series306k

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