Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Chicago Bears cards to buy in MUT – Brian Urlacher, Khalil Mack, & more

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The Chicago Bears have some of the richest histories in the NFL.

Their role in growing the sport from the 1920s onwards can't be understated. The famous head coach, George Halas, is in the hall of fame and guided them for over five decades of football...let that sink in.

They are currently 7-8 and out of playoff contention, but they still have some very talented pieces and their fans will see this as an underperformance.

To activate level 1 of the team chemistry for the Bears you need five cards from the team. So which ones are the best to use?

Devin Hester (94 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100

Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox – 463,000 / PS4 – 460,000 / PC – 520,000

Devin Hester changed the game in special teams. Originally a CB, Hester moved to WR but really made an impact on kick and punt returns. He had an NFL record 14 Punt returns on retiring, as well as being the first person ever to return a Superbowl kick off for a TD.

80 catching reflects that this wasn't Hester's skill. 95 speed and 94 acceleration combined with 95 agility and 92 juke make him the most dangerous return man in MUT.

Roquan Smith (92 OVR)

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Program: Harvest

Position: MLB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 142,000 / PS4 – 144,000 / PC 190,000

He is only in his 2nd season, but Smith is already showing some serious talent. In his rookie year, he racked up 89 tackles, 5 sacks, and an interception. The future is bright for the Bears MLB.

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83 zone cover is elite for a linebacker and 92 pursuit and hit power will create turnovers needed to win games in MUT. 90 acceleration will make a good user MLB over the middle.

Khalil Mack (91 OVR)

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Program: Ultimate Kickoff

Position: LOLB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 171,000 / PS4 – 175,000 / PC 246,000

Taken 5th overall in 2014, Mack has turned into one of the most disruptive pass rushers in the modern game. The Bears gave a lot to get this former Defensive player of the year from the Raiders and he has paid them back in sacks.

90 power move and 85 finesse move are a deadly combination. Mack's high motor and 88 pursuit, with 85 tackling are a decent foundation to build a defense around.

Gale Sayers (91 OVR)

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Program: Legends

Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 85,800 / PS4 – 86,600 / PC – 95,200

Sayers played exclusively for the Bears in his 6 year NFL career, and in this time he dominated. He has many NFL records including being the only player to score six TDs in one game. He currently holds over 20 Bears franchise records.

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92 ball carrier vision with 90 speed and acceleration can be used to get to the edge against aggressive defenses. 89 juke and break tackle make Sayers incredibly slippery in the backfield as well as the return game. 67 catching is a bit low, so he isn't the best option as a receiving back.

Brian Urlacher (91 OVR)

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Program: Legends

Position: MLB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 94,000 / PS4 – 89,000 / PC 120,000

A 12 year Bears legend, Urlacher was taken 9th overall in the 2000 draft. He went to 8x Pro Bowls and owns franchise records for tackles in a season and a career. The man was everywhere on the field.

85 zone cover would make a good safety, for a linebacker this is incredible. 90s for pursuit and tackling reflect his play style and Urlacher will be difficult to pass against. 85 speed and acceleration isn't the highest, but enough to get around the field and make plays.

All the best Chicago Bears MUT cards

Player OVR Position Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Devin Hester94WRNFL 100461k
Roquan Smith92MLBHarvest142k
Khalil Mack91LOLBUltimate Kickoff171k
Gale Sayers91HBLegends85.1k
Brian Urlacher91MLBLegends94k
Akiem Hicks91LEHeavyweights89.6k
Eddie Jackson90FSSignature Series295k
Kyle Fuller90CBMUT Heroes92.6k
Tarik Cohen90HBMost Feared 
Alshon Jeffrey90WRFlashbacks73.8k
Charles Tillman88CBTheme Diamonds44.8k
Leonard Floyd88ROLBFootball Outsiders40k

The NFL has entered the second half of the season, and teams have found a lot of success with brilliant offenses and punishing defenses. Coaches are still scheming up ways to stop their opponents each and every week.

For those that love scheme lords and have been waiting for their turn calling the shots, Madden 20 offers the chance to take over and control your favorite team. Our review tests out all the new features.

One of the best things about Madden this year is new and expanded playbooks that include RPO (run-pass option) plays as well as fresh looks for new coaches like Kliff Kingsbury and the returning Gary Kubiak.

One of the best ways to improve your Madden game is to find a playbook that works for you. Every playbook in Madden 20 has a decent core of standard plays.

Each team’s playbook is already aligned to the players on their roster and is a good place to start. However, when you are heading into the world of MUT or Franchise league play, you don’t always have the same players available.

Knowing which playbook best suits your own style of quick passes, outside runs, or deep bombs is half the battle to finding success in Madden 20.

Below, we have outlined below what playbook you should try based on personnel and the style of team you want.

Best Passing Playbook – Arizona Cardinals

There should definitely be an honorable mention to the New England Patriots on this list, but with the addition of Kliff Kingsbury to the league it might be time to try something a little different. Kingsbury joins from the college ranks where he was head coach of Texas Tech. He comes with a reputation for bringing a pass-heavy coach with a strong understanding of the spread offense.


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There are lots of fun shotgun formations in the Cardinals playbook, with a lot less single back. Shotgun cluster is an exciting new package where the TE is not attached to the line and is very popular in the college ranks. A receiving TE and HB will thrive under these spread style plays with lots of short yardage opportunities.

There are a lot of HB motion plays, and will really benefit a team where your QB is accurate but not the big time player that you want to rely on to make 50-yard bombs.

Best Running Playbook – Baltimore Ravens

This is a new playbook to most lists this year in Madden, purely down to its uniqueness. Starting with Power I Strong, you will have 3 HBs on the field and there will be no doubt you are running the ball – the definition of hard nose football.

There are 11 formations of Pistol in this playbook, which really benefits those with a mobile QB. This playbook is made for the likes of Lamar Jackson, but if you have a QB that likes to wheel out and make something happen, there are plenty of option plays to keep the opposition guessing.

That said, there are still plenty of shotgun formations, and there’s plenty of versatility that will allow you to jump between styles of play mid-game.

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