Madden 20 Super Bowl: Ultimate Team, Predictions, House Rules, players, ratings & more

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Super Bowl LIV is almost upon us with America’s biggest event taking over Madden Ultimate Team.

As the Kansas
City Chiefs
and San
Francisco 49ers
prepare for the biggest game of each players’ career, MUT
players everywhere are working their way through challenges, earning rewards
and filling up sets to earn their hero’s best MUT card.

Just like in previous programs, like Zero Chill and Harvest, part of the program is House Rules. House Rules takes typical online head to head and adds in different scenarios and rules to freshen up the gameplay.


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Table of Contents

So, just what is the Super Bowl House Rules

Two Minute Drill

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COMEBACK: Show off your clutch factor in the latest House Rules


In Zero
there were three House Rules events. One of which started the game in
the third quarter, with no special teams, you’re down as many as 40 points
depending on the difficulty, and you’re rewarded one point for a rush attempt,
two points for a tackle for loss and three points for rushing for ten yards.

Unlike previous House Rules, this one is
very simple.

It is simply a two minute drill, as the title suggests. You’ll start on offense or defense and you have to win the game.

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On offense you get the ball at your 20-yard line with 1:20 left, no timeouts and down by two points. Just win, baby. It is that simple.

On defense all you have to do is get a stop. As neither team has any timeouts, if you get the ball without letting them score the game is over and you win.

A win will earn you 350 coins, and you’ll get 100 coins for a loss. If you hit 15 total wins in one day you’ll earn a Super Bowl Ticket which can be used towards a NAT Super Bowl Past Hero (more will become available). Then, at 25 wins in one day you will earn you 50 Series Trophies (Series 4 currently, will be Series 5 soon).


Your win totals will reset each day, so until January 31st you can earn these rewards every day.  If you get 15 wins for every remaining day you’ll be able to get a Super Bowl Past Hero.

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H2H: The challenge is only available online


All of the previous House Rules events had both an online head to head mode and single player so challenge mode. However, this one does not. It is only available as an online head to head game.

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On Friday there will be a huge update coming to House Rules.

Solo Challenges

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GRIND: There are a ton of challenges to beat for the Super Bowl

As part of the Super Bowl program there are a load of new challenges.

  • History of the Super Bowl: 22 Challenges, up to 76 stars, 14,700 coins
  • What If...: 10 Challenges, up to 40 stars, 7,500 coins
  • The Greatest Comebacks [N]ever: 10 Challenges, up to 40 stars, 7,500 coins
  • Path to the Super Bowl: Chiefs: 18 challenges, up to 72 stars, 13,500 coins
  • Path to the Super Bowl: 49ers: 18 challenges, up to 72 stars, 13,500 coins
  • Super bowl LIV: Two challenges, up to 10 stars, 2,500 coins

The following are the rewards at different star levels:

  • 28 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 56 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 84 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 112 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 140 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 168 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 196 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 224 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 252 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 280 Stars: One Super Bowl Ticket
  • 324 Stars: 82+ OVR Super Bowl Player
  • 368 Stars: 82+ OVR Super Bowl Player
  • 410 Stars: 82+ OVR Super Bowl Player

Super Bowl Predictor

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BET: What do you think will unfold on Sunday night?


The next part of the latest update brings a new set of solo challenges and a new set to complete.

There are 14 challenges that will give you 14 predictor tokens and up to 7,000 coins.

You can then use your tokens to make predictions on the Super Bowl.

There are 25 predictions to choose from, and including the token you get upon logging in, you can choose up to 15 of them and earn tens of thousands of coins if you are correct.


Of course, there are lots of players coming as part of this program.

The players are split into two collections, Past and Present.