Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best San Francisco 49ers cards to buy in MUT – Jerry Rice, Richard Sherman & more

One of the most storied franchises in the NFL, the 49ers have some of the best cards in MUT this year.

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

Winning four Super Bowls in a nine-year span cemented the 49ers in the hearts and minds of many fans. They have five in total and have in their history some of the biggest legends of the game.

The list of players representing the 49ers in MUT are some of the best in the game. It says it all that the full list at the bottom of this article doesn’t drop below 91 overall.

To activate level 1 of the team chemistry for the 49ers you need five cards from the team. So which ones are the best to use?

Jerry Rice (95 OVR)

Program: NFL 100

Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox – 464,000 / PS4 – 510,000 / PC – 598,000

Number one on the NFL 100 greatest ever players list says it all. Rice won three Superbowls and has NFL records for receptions, yards, and TDs.

94 short route and 93 medium route makes Rice virtually unplayable in a short passing game. 95 catching and 92 catch in traffic allow you to throw it up with confidence that Rice will bring it down.

Richard Sherman (95 OVR)

Program: Zero Chill

Position: CB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 792,000 / PS4 – 800,000 / PC 736,000

One of the best 5th round picks ever, Sherman actually made his name in Seattle. A lockdown corner with back to back eight interception seasons, Sherman is one of the best the modern era has seen and he is still plying his trade for the 49ers at the age of 31.

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92 man cover and an unbelievable 97 zone cover and 96 press will be better than any other card you can get. He will literally lock down even the best receivers.

Ronnie Lott (94 OVR)

Program: NFL 100

Position: FS

Auction House Value: Xbox – 595,000 / PS4 – 568,000 / PC 653,000

The 8th overall pick in 1981, Lott is also one of the Greatest 100 in NFL history. Four Superbowls and 16 career forced fumbles have cemented his place in the history books.

95 hit power is going to change the game in MUT, combine this with 92 zone cover and you have an elite safety. 90 pursuit and 89 tackling round off this complete player.

DeForest Buckner (93 OVR)

Program: Ultimate Kickoff

Position: DT

Auction House Value: Xbox – 225,000 / PS4 – 220,000 / PC – 301,000

Taken with the 7th pick in 2016, Buckner has steadily improved each season to have a breakout Pro Bowl year in 2018 with 12 sacks.

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94 finesse move is impressive for a 295lb DT, 89 tackle and 90 hit power will cause problems for the opposition. 85 strength is okay but feels a little low for the player of Buckner’s size.

Kyle Juszczyk (93 OVR)

Program: Signature Series

Position: FB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 598,000 / PS4 – 800,000 / PC Unknown

Juszczyk has somewhat transformed the FB position. Many go their entire careers only doing the dirty work of run blocking. Juszczyk adds another dimension by being a talent pass-catcher out the backfield.

95 lead block is the elite level you would expect, with 77 run block being good positionally. 92 trucking and 80 catching are what separates Juszczyk in the position. Expect to use him in short passes in the flats that will get first down yardage.

All the best San Francisco 49ers MUT cards

Player OVR Position Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Jerry Rice 95 WR NFL 100 464k
Richard Sherman 95 CB Zero Chill 792k
Ronnie Lott 94 FS NFL 100 595k
DeForest Buckner 93 DT Ultimate Kickoff 225k
Kyle Juszczyk 93 FB Signature Series 598k
George Kittle 92 TE MUT Heroes 361k
Jimmy Garoppolo 92 QB TOTW 261k
Emmanuel Sanders 92 WR Gauntlet II 146k
Tevin Coleman 92 HB TOTW 500k
Terrell Owens 91 WR Legends 95.8k
Patrick Willis 91 MLB MUT 10 310k
Nick Bosa 91 RE TOTW 176k

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Tom Owen