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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Missions, Challenges, Rewards & more

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Ultimate Team quickly became the most popular mode in Madden, especially when they marketed it as fantasy football bought life. Ultimate Team has often been the strongest part of the game, causing something of a rift between MUT players and the more traditional franchise mode gamers. Madden 20 will again provide new features and upgrades to Ultimate Team that should excite veterans of the mode and entice new players.


Navigating the complex way of putting together an Ultimate Team and finding the cards that will improve your team in the way you want has always been a daunting task for new players. Missions will help you plot the path through MUT to find what you need. They aren't directly responsible for your rewards, but instead will set targets and guide you to game modes that will earn you what you need to keep improving your team. It's the Google Maps of MUT, and is a remarkable idea to help make the game mode accessible to new players.

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Ultimate Challenges

Solo Challenges are making way for these Ultimate Challenges. The big change is a star-based rewards system and challenges that have changeable difficulty options. You can take on a challenge at a one-star level, but you will receive a one-star reward, and then take it on at two-star and finally three-star to gain all the rewards possible. There will also be bonus goals within each challenge that can give you an extra two stars. This again provides a level of accessibility for new players without effecting the way regular MUT players can interact with the game.


Ultimate Challenge Rewards

These stars will all mean something too. The big rewards are no longer tied to the final challenge in a sequence, but instead unlocked when you hit a milestone of stars. So, earn 50 stars, get a reward. It doesn't matter the way in which you accumulated those stars, only that you have them. It creates some variety in method for players while allowing them to earn the same rewards.


Some Madden 19 chemistries, like the notorious "Red Chems", have been removed from the game for Madden 20. Meanwhile there will be new ones that will be "significantly stronger" that are meant to be things that eliminate chance and provide more guaranteed results.

Player Archetypes

Madden 20 will be able to craft different player OVRs for different player archetypes, meaning players will feel more different if they are speed rush OLB or a pass coverage OLB for example. It will also provide a more authentic use of abilities. A field general QB will not be able to use the Escape Artist archetype, and likewise a scrambling QB won't be able to use Pocket Deadeye. This will add some realism and mean setting up your team correctly will be far more important in Madden 20 than before.

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