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Madden 20 Series 5 COUNTDOWN: New Series Master, The Journey 3, Theme Diamonds 2, level cap & more!

Madden 20's Ultimate Team Series 5 drops today at 10:30am ET/3:30pm GMT.

You can find all the information as it breaks in our live updates blog!

It will end a massive eight-week Series 4 that has seen the Team of the Year cards drop, several series of House Rules, and the first 99 OVR card for Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.

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After such an enjoyable series it will be hard for Madden 20 to top it in Series 5, but it looks like they are going to take a shot.


MUT Series 5 release date

Series 5 will drop on 7 February at 10:30am ET/3:30pm GMT.

With it comes the usual halving of your S4 Trophies, so be sure to spend them where you can unless you are saving for the next Coach Madden token or the Series 5 Master...

MUT Series 5 Master

bosa master
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Joey Bosa will be the Master for Series 5.


A NAT version of his 97 OVR card will cost you 1,050 S5 Trophies, but an auctionable version will be 2,000 S5 Trophies.

Bosa's stats are off the charts, with 99 finesse moves, 95 power moves, and 90 acceleration.

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As a left end he is best suited to a 4-3 defense, but with such impressive stats he can live on the inside in a 3-4 base defense too.

Theme Diamonds 2

Night Train Lane Theme Diamond 2
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ALL-TIME GREAT: Night Train Lane is a monster in MUT


After a long time we are getting the second set of Theme Diamonds and a new master.

The 93 OVR Kurt Warner is now well short of being a useable quarterback, so it's time to go hunting for the Theme Diamonds 2 master...

Dick Night Train Lane.

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The 98 OVR cornerback has 94 speed, 97 zone coverage, and 96 jumping. These stats are from a "work in progress" shot so they may change, but if they are accurate this is a card that will instantly start for any defense.

A whole set of 32 new Theme Diamonds completion tokens will need to be earned and turned in to get him, but you will also get some exciting new Theme Diamond players to put into your team.

You can see all 32 of the new Theme Diamonds here.


The Journey 3

Madden 20 Journey 3
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GRIND: There are plenty of challenges, coins, and a sweet player to earn here

It is yet to be confirmed that The Journey 3 will be a part of MUT Series 5, but it is highly expected to be.


It is a long time since we were able to unlock the 91 OVR Byron Jones and earn the second of four Journey tokens.

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Getting a third underway now with a new player to aim at (probably 94 OVR) would be great for the solo grinders out there.

Level cap

We've all had plenty of time to get up to the max level of 80.

So Series 5 will take the cap up to 90, opening up more rewards, challenges, and hopefully an upgrade token for Pat Tillman and Tory Holt too.